Zannier Hotels Omaanda 2 minutes 19 seconds

A seamless sense of place resonates at Zannier Hotels Omaanda through traditional Owambo architecture and elevated views stretching across soul-stirring savannas to the distant Khomas Hochland plateau, where every day is an immersion into Namibia’s exoticism. Famously watch wildlife drink at the nearby watering hole from your infinity poolside seat. Try local delicacies prepared at the Ambo Delights restaurant. Discover the soulful healing of ancient Namibian therapies that fuse local roots, herbs and spices. As night falls, gather for star-lit fireside cocktails, around the authentic Boma.

Relaxation is balanced by adventures through Omaanda’s partnership with N/a’an ku sê – a foundation dedicated to the conservancy of Namibia’s wildlife, land and cultures. Breakfast with meerkats at sunrise; track a rhino or a herd of elephants going for a swim; spy a leopard climbing a Jackleberry tree or simply experience the nocturnal beauty of the savanna….