The Dethroning Of The Divine Beasts 5 minutes 22 seconds

A journey from the magical to the mundane through fashion, dance and theatre by Chinese artist and designer, Rui Xu, “The Dethroning of The Divine Beasts” is an adaption of the Classics of Mountains and Seas, an early compilation of Chinese geography and mythology. Rui Xu’s unique costumes, animal masks and specially composed dances tell the story of seven divine beasts, whom reside in an ancient, legendary realm: White Marsh, Torch Dragon, Chimera, Chenghuang, Water Unicorn, Nine-Tailed Fox and Pale Deer of Flood. These once-exalted, powerful creatures, formed as both gods and beasts, are terrified to discover the loss of their magical powers as they are transported to the mundane world of modern city life. They soon come to realise that the jade figures that manifest around them resemble their own appearances. This gives rise to a meaningful awakening within each of them: a realisation that they are, in fact, connected to the mortal realm. The storyline progresses as these once-divine creatures find themselves surrounded by human beings without their powers to relieve them….