Spirit of Aman 1 minute 54 seconds

This has been an unprecedented time for all of us. The world has been brought to a stand-still in a way few could have predicted. As we begin to emerge from this great global challenge, Aman is now, more than ever, committed to honouring everything that has made the company a pioneer in luxury travel. Since Aman’s early beginnings in the eighties with the opening of Amanpuri, the brand has charged itself with the task of redefining and reimagining the nature of the luxury experience. As we move forward into this next chapter, Aman is looking to the future with optimism and gratitude for all they have learned and how they can evolve. ​

As some of their properties begin to reopen, the name, meaning ‘‘places of peace,’’ takes on a profound significance. This may be a time for personal reflection. Or a time for thrilling adventure. No matter what calls, Aman is poised, as always, to ensure their guests experience the extraordinary in the spirit of Aman.

Discover Aman’s destinations – including Amanjiwo in Indonesia, Aman Canal Grande Venice, and Sri Lanka’s Amangalla and Amanwella – at: www.aman.com/destinations.