Why Invest In A Racehorse? By Héloise Agelou

Héloise Agelou is one of the youngest horse-racing experts in the world, and her first acquisition, at the tender age of 21, was a champion two year old, Milanais. Thereafter, she decided to create Agelou Horse Racing Ltd to help a new breed of horse owners enjoy ownership without ceremony, pompousness and hassle whilst retaining a trustworthy, fun and enjoyable environment. She tells The Luxury Channel about investing in these magnificent creatures….

Agelou Horse Racing

I believe that racing and horses have the power to unite different types of people, without question – from kings to country farmers, barriers cease to exist, past and present coincide and it all becomes about the saddle.

There has never been a better time to own and race horses in France. France is a unique racing nation. 27 G.I races take place every year. Legendary racecourses, such as Chantilly, Longchamp, Auteuil, and Deauville, welcome prestigious races such as the Prix du Jockey club, the Prix de Diane, the Grand Steeple-chase de Paris and the worldwide famous Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Historical training centres, such as at Chantilly and Maisons-Laffitte, designed to craft champions, are located only one hour from the Champs-Elysées.

With more than €230 million distributed in 2008, France has the best rewarding system in Europe, with excellent prize-money and selectivity at the heart of French racing. France is the best racing nation in Europe in terms of prize money, and breeders’ and owners’ premiums. The percentage of keeping and training expenses covered by prize money won per horse having run is also the most valuable one.

In 2009, each of the 27 Gr.1 races distributed a minimum of €250,000 (total allocations per race), the 26 Gr.2 €130,000 and the 57 Gr.3 €80,000.

Listed races have also been increased in number and their prize money boosted. In 2010, each of the 124 Listed races distributed a minimum of €52,000.

Agelou Horse Racing

France has a lot to offer to horse-racing investors and professionals. The French healthy pari-mutuel betting system enables a return to the industry, which, for the thirteenth year in a row, experienced a prize money rise. As a matter of fact, a 3% increase was applied to the global prize money in 2011, to the benefit of international as well as provinces races. Around €250 million constitutes the global budget dedicated to the 6,500 races that will be run in France. Investing in the French industry means that you may benefit from this generous and fruitful system. Indeed, French-bred (or assimilated) horses competing in France can reap serious benefits for both their breeders and owners.

Taking into account that the French racing system provides an average 56% return on investment, being an owner in France makes sense, more than ever. Training fees are competitive, especially in the provinces and they also benefit from a dense and varied racing program.

More than €38 million in owners’ premiums are distributed per year, and the owners’ premiums distributed in France are the highest in Europe. There consists in a percentage of the allocated prize money received on top of the actual prize money in all the flat races run in France, except those restricted to French-bred and assimilated horses.

Owners’ premiums are calculated as follows (for flat races that are not restricted to French born and bred horses or without specific restrictions):
64% for 2, 3, and 4-year-olds
43% for 5-year-olds and up

Reasons are aplenty for both owners and breeders to choose France, as the list of benefits still goes on….and it’s up to you to take advantage of it!