Vaishaly Clinic – The Ultimate Glow-Getter By Caroline Phillips

What links Rachel Weisz, Kirsten Dunst and Sophie Dahl? Oh, and Elle Macpherson, Meg Ryan and Gwyneth Paltrow too. They’re all clients of Vaishaly, the super facialist. She’s also brow sculptor (threader) to the superstars. As if that isn’t enough, she and one of her team of whizzo therapists have just started offering microblading —a form of eyebrow tattooing, about which more later. Plus Vaishaly has recently expanded into the neighbouring building to open a nail bar offering everything you could ever want for the tips of your hands.

First to her most recent offering, Cupcake Nails. It’s like entering the pages of a children’s story book — with its green grass floor, walls decorated with white roses, and others lined with every colour of nail varnish in the galaxy: from Essie and OPI to Christian Laboutin, Tom Ford and Chanel. Plus there are big glass jars of old-fashioned sweets and ceramic cupcakes. In fact, it’s a bit like walking into Alice In Wonderland’s nail-painting party. Therapists in white with white face masks offer excellent manicures, pedicures (while you sit in a booth), nail art, 3D art, Mum & Me and much more. (Manis from £25).

Next you go through the looking glass (or at least the door) to her neighbouring Vaishaly Clinic, a discreet salon in Marylebone’s Paddington Street. Here you get to try her other new beauty treat: microblading. You’re shown to the waiting area by one of the team of smiley Vaishaly folk: they don’t walk, they glide. As you wait, you flick through the latest copies of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, note a sign prohibiting mobile phones (to maintain the clinic’s temple-like hush), and breathe in the atmosphere of candles, Buddhas and air suffused with the scent of geranium and lavender.

You fill in a medical questionnaire and then Emma, a therapist, comes and steps lightly ahead of you to take you to your microblading consultation. When you’ve tried every eyebrow pencil, powder, pigment, gel, and stencil and your brows are still thin, microblading — a form of semi-permanent make-up and a more permanent solution to sparse eyebrows — is a treatment that promises to change your brow life. Consultation over, you book a microblading appointment.

The therapist implants pigment under your skin with a handheld machine, drawing hair-like strokes. ‘Traditional tattooing,’ says Emma, ‘involves a needle going in and out of the skin. But microblading uses a blade, which heals more crisply, showing the strokes more and looking more natural.’ It feels a bit like having your brows scratched. ‘Some ladies sleep through it,’ she adds. A treatment takes two hours. You may leave blonde, dark brown through to almost black, as you choose. (£400 including one top up 4-8 weeks later).

If you have time afterwards, book The Experience. Otherwise next time you’re visiting the Vaishaly Clinic (and there will be a next time; it’s addictive in the nicest way), you’d be silly to miss The Experience. It’s a unique full-body treatment, well, more of an experience really. It includes a harmonising massage, a toning facial, Reiki (a Japanese hands-on energy healing technique), cranial sacral therapy (an alternative treatment loosely based on osteopathy in the cranial region) and manual lymphatic drainage (a very gentle massage that encourages the natural release of lymph from the body) – all combined with Vaishaly’s own blend of energy healing. “I choose my therapists depending on whether they have a feel for working with energy,” says Vaishaly. She chooses well.

You certainly shouldn’t miss a Vaishaly facial, either — whether with Vaishaly or one of her crack squad. It’s not for nothing that Vaishaly is known to the British press as The Queen of Facialists. (Her facials have been offered globally from the Dorchester to the Four Seasons, Seychelles.) It’s also not for nothing that she has a three-month waiting list.

A Vaishaly signature facial includes extraction, toxin-draining lymphatic massage, gentle microdermabrasion, a rejuvenating treatment mask, plus a great facial massage — known to beauty insiders as Vaishaly’s ‘anti-ageing beauty secret.’ Each client’s facial is tailor-made. She and her team treat holistically and not just superficially, which involves healing cranial sacral work to calm and re-balance the mind and body. In a one-hour facial, there will be 20 minutes dedicated to it. Think of these facials as the ultimate glow-getter. Your skin will never look better. (£250 for 55 minutes with Vaishaly or £120 with one of the team.)

If you’d prefer to have a little of Vaishaly in your home, she produces a natural facial skincare range that sells online and in Fenwicks on New Bond Street. (Her Cleansing Balm would be my desert island luxury). How to sum up everything about Vaishaly and her clinic? Superfacialist, super treatments, super products. Oh and, of course, superstars.

Further Information

Vaishaly Clinic
51 Paddington Street
London W1U 4HR
+44 (0) 20 7224 6088
Vaishaly’s facial skincare range is available online at and from Fenwicks, New Bond Street, London.

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