Urban Renewal By Sofia Celeste

Sofia Celeste visits a new W Hotel that’s set to open near the World Trade Center site in May 2010.

Revival is the theme for the W Hotel New York Downtown, which is just two months away from opening its doors next to one of the most venerated sites in the world: the World Trade Center. The Luxury Channel put on a hard hat and got a VIP tour of the unfinished 58-story metropolitan marvel with panoramic views that stretch from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building.

Inside, snake skin tiles and layered lamella lights make the hotel perhaps on of the wildest venues to hit Wall Street, since the days of Gordon Gecko and Bud Fox. Some 217 guestrooms and 223 private residences boast interior design by Graft, which has also worked on avant-garde projects such as Bird Island in Kuala Lumpur and Vertical Village in Dubai. A hint of Studio 54-style pandemonium mixed with sleek futuristic contours and subtle animal prints adorn rooms fit for hard core jet setters and high-powered financial types. The terrace bar and the living room lounge will certainly prove to be a hotspot after the NYSE closing bell. “We consider the project a part of the revitalization of the area. Especially the World Trade Center,” said Thomas Sturniolo, W New York Downtown’s Director of Sales. “It’s one of the first brand new hotels to open in the area.” Right now, dust still coats the luxurious black marble and pink fluorescent chandelier in the foyer, but the opening is slated for May 4, 2010.