Top Ten Wedding Gifts By The Luxury Channel

Luxurious gifts for the newly-weds’ home….

Top Ten Wedding Gifts

Weddings & Movie Stars

Weddings and Movie Stars

From the low-key to the lavish, this collection of incredible images (many of which have never been published before) bring to life the most iconic Hollywood weddings from the 1920s onwards. From Grace Kelly swathed in lace to Sarah Jessica-Parker giggling on her wedding day, all the modern bride’s idols are here and serve as a love song to all weddings, not just the one you’re invited to.

Published by Reel Art Press, £49.95. Photograph of Grace Kelly and Esther Williams © Bettmann/CORBIS.

Animal Magic with Cavendish Stone

Cement your place in your friends’ new life together and give them a gift that will stand the test of time. Justin and Adam Williams founded Cavendish Stone to provide the discerning with unforgettable outdoor sculpture. So, whether your friends have a country pile or urban idyll, one of their unique pieces will fit right in.

Bernardaud Porcelain

Berndaud Porcelain

The most traditional of wedding presents, fine porcelain need not be old fashioned. The Luxury Channel loves the French porcelain house of Bernardaud for their blend of traditional methods and gorgeous new designs. For traditional tableware with delicate decoration and modern masterpieces, such as their Marc Chagall collection, Bernardaud offers something for every newly-wed’s table.

Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba Vacuum

Give couples more time to enjoy being newlyweds by gifting them this highly desirable little gadget. The Roomba vacuum cleaner uses sophisticated technology to manoeuvre its way around a room all by itself. When it’s finished, or low on battery, it will find its way back to its charging dock and go to sleep!

Available online and at John Lewis from £279.99.

Mappin & Webb Drinksware

Mappin & Webb

Renowned for its intrinsic British style and timeless good taste, Mappin & Webb has been silversmith to the Royal family since 1897. Their sterling silver and glass whisky tumblers and pyramid decanter are the perfect presents for a best man to give a groom-to-be.

The decanter, including luxury presentation case, is £299 and a pair of whisky tumblers, including luxury presentation case, is £249, available from

For Wine Lovers

Give your newly-wed friends everything they need to start their very own vineyard. This kit from The Gluttonous Gardener contains, among other things, twenty grape vines, selected to thrive in the British climate and ready to plant. If you’re very lucky, you’ll be sharing bottles of your friends’ vintage for years to come (and, to sip while you wait for that moment, the kit includes a very good bottle of vintage claret).

From £200 at

Light Sculptures

Light sculptures

We love this Palm pendant light by Finnish designer Janne Kyttänen, which diffuses light through its petals, either up or downwards, resulting in a beautiful and totally unique light display. Also on our list is the Quin table light, which is astonishing in its perfect design. It’s hard to believe it has no joins whatsoever, but flows in harmony with no beginning and no end – just like the love your friend’s wedding celebrates.

Palm pendant light from £461.00, and Quin table light from £426.00.

Great Exhibition Croquet Set

Outdoor types will enjoy a Pimm’s and a game of croquet with one of John Jaques immaculately crafted deluxe croquet sets. We love the Great Exhibition Croquet Set, designed to celebrate the moment John Jaques II’s new game ‘Croquet’ was presented at the 1851 Great Exhibition. It includes eight beautifully finished mallets, including two brass ringed Oxford models and two square Hampton ones, as well as an eight band hand coloured gold lined winning post.

£999.99 from

i:wing Fan

iWing fan

We’ve never seen anything like it – and we bet you haven’t either: a fan that could be mistaken for a piece of sculpture. The beautiful i:wing fan can cool down the hottest newly-wed nest, as it soundlessly and peacefully sets the air in motion with its huge wings that mimic those of a bird in flight. You can see the fan in action and find out more online.

€1480.00 from

Baccarat crystal

Dom Perignon Pitcher Baccarat

Ensure you’re invited to toast all the important milestones in a newly-wedded couple’s life by providing the very crystal they’ll toast with. The Luxury Channel loves the beautiful soft lines of Baccarat’s Saint Remy glasses & Dom Perignon Pitcher, while crystal bottle stoppers from their Tip Top collection (twisted by resident designer Thomas Bastide) are the perfect gift for any wine-loving couple.

Hersey & Son Silver

Hersey and Son

Although a traditional wedding gift, silver never goes out of style, especially when it’s reinvented with a modern twist. Bring a touch of fun to a blissful breakfast table with a solid silver lid for a jar of Marmite – and have it engraved to mark a special occasion. Or, if that’s doesn’t sound quite the thing, try these solid sterling silver mussel eater shells, which are perfect for a romantic supper of moules mariniere.

A Silver Marmite Lid costs from £62.50 and Mussel Eater Shells are £67.50 each, from