To The Precipice And Beyond By The Luxury Channel

Momentum Adventure, the exploratory travel company, help their clients evolve into confident adventurers in the spirit of a bygone age, by offering the latest in bespoke adventure travel.

If experience is the mark of a man and adventure a test of physical prowess and cunning: then we best unfold from our desks and get back to nature. In the days of ‘wily Odysseus,’ the adventurer felt the wrath of the elements and the whims of fate. Today, those wishing to embark on such a quest need look no further than the exploratory travel company, Momentum Adventure.

Tailored, bespoke and high-adrenaline – Momentum Adventure ticks every aspect of the adventurer’s wish-list. Founder Matthew Robertson is a ‘big believer that if there is a will, there is a way. If a client wants to give it a go then we are going to make it happen.’ This means training before departure, expert guidance from personal logistics managers, imaginative destinations and action packed trips.

The adventures are ‘designed to bring out the best in the individual’ – to challenge people and immerse them in fantastic environments. No longer forced to be armchair adventurers living through the exploits of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears, with Momentum you can join the best of them. ‘No one is carried through the trip – you can hang out with the Sami, cook your own food in the wild and become part of an expedition.’

For posterity’s sake, and in honour of your adventure, a beautifully bound book filled with photographs and details can be displayed with pride. Whilst not the epic poem of old; the book will serve to demonstrate your newfangled spirit of adventure.

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