Time+Space Cadaques By The Luxury Channel

The Luxury Channel goes for a gastronomic holiday experience in Catalonia.

Time+Space Cadaques is a unique holiday experience, where a privileged few get the chance to spend a weekend in a stunning modernist villa experiencing the best food, wine and culture that Catalonia has to offer.

The Ses Vistes villa, from which the Time+Space weekends are based, is a stone’s throw from the house near Cadaques where Salvador Dali lived and worked. To reflect his influence on the Cap de Creus area, Time +Space Cadaques take their guests on expertly curated tours to explore the Casa Dali, Dali Theatre-Museum and the local town of Cadaques, which has its own incredibly rich cultural history – Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Picasso all spent their summers in Cadaques.

As well as having the chance to spend quality time in the extraordinary landscape of the Cap de Creus that inspired the great master Salvador Dali, guests experience a myriad of gastronomic delights.

In residence at the Ses Vistes villa is Michelin-starred chef Paco Perez, whose experimental cuisine reflects the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. Paco trained closely under Ferran Adria, the maestro chef of El Bulli, and refers to Adria as the master of his culinary philosophy. Adria also describes Paco as one of his “best and most talented disciples”.

During a stay at Ses Vistes, guests are overwhelmed by the extraordinary tastes, textures and sights of Paco’s cuisine; a Salvador Dali-inspired banquet, Paco’s signature ‘Vanguardia’ creations, an ‘exquisite’ breakfast with unexpected flavours, and more. Paco is able to harness the freshest and finest local ingredients to create astonishingly elaborate meals as well as more simple traditional local dishes.

Paco Perez also has his own restaurant – El Miramar – in the nearby fishing village of Llanca, and is the man behind the Enoteca restaurant at Hotel Arts, Barcelona’s finest five star hotel, also by the sea. At Time+Space Cadaques guests spend an evening enjoying a 25-course meal at the chefs table at the El Miramar restaurant.

The surrounding area of the Cap de Creus national park (Spain’s only national park that covers both land and sea) in which the house is set offers the chance for guests to go on endless walks, swim, hire boats and canoes and even scuba dive.

At Time+Space Cadaques there really is something for everyone – art and culture, delectable gastronomy, natural beauty, and a stunning and luxurious villa from where it all centres.

For full details of the holiday, dates and prices visit www.timeandspacecadaques.com