Time For A Treat By The Luxury Channel

Tinkerbell Hilton might have a $325,000 home to share with her furry pals but it’s not just celebrity pets that can be spoiled with The Luxury Channel’s top ten animal accessories.

Time for a treat

1. Who wants stuffy old relations on the walls when you can have your grinning four-legged friend? Hot Digital Dog will convert any snap of your pooch into a timeless sepia photograph.


2. Is your dog more of a globetrotter than a homeboy? Marco Morosini’s Dog Is A God range features several snazzy dog carriers, such as the Caravan in baked clay and platinum.


3. Hilarious yet practical, Doggles are sun-goggles for dogs designed to protect their eyes from UV rays, wind and ‘‘foreign objects.’’ They’re much more snugly fitting than regular dog sunglasses and offer more protection.


4. Wondering what that bark means? Bow Lingual is a walkie talkie that ‘‘translates’’ dog noises into human phrases. Apparently there’s an iPhone app on the way that will allows these translations to be tweeted too. Facebook’s Dog Book is so last year.


5. Check out the designer dugs for dogs by Roberto Cavalli. The designer’s line of pet clothes includes a range of tops and collars from £110.


6. Home Basics Cat Cabin is a handmade hideaway crafted from wood and liana, featuring a water and dirt-repellent pillow to ensure a clean environment for even the fussiest feline.


7. It’s not just cats that need designer beds. London-based WOWBOW has designed modern and stylish dog beds made from clear or coloured acrylic with comfy faux-suede pillows.


8. Once your canine pal is used to such luxury, he might not be content with eating off the floor. Luckily, WOWBOW has also created matching dining tables with 2 bowls. It’s not just about looks, as raising the height of the bowls can help aid digestion and ease strain on forearms.


9. WOWBOW haven’t forgotten about felines. The Skritch is a stylish scratching post for cats, which won’t look out of place in a well-designed home. Minimalist and sleek, it is made up of a scratching post (with vertical ribbing to prevent claw snagging), which attaches to the wall via acrylic ends.


10. It’s not just furry and four-legged pets who can be lavished. Apparently, footballer Stephen Ireland spent £100,000 on a fish tank that featured a live coral reef. It is also fitted with WiFi – not that the fish are looking to surf the net, rather Ireland can control the tank via his mobile phone….