Tim Gosling On The Art of The Christmas Tree By The Luxury Channel

Tim Gosling, bespoke furniture maker and interior designer to the rich and famous, as well as creator of superyacht interiors, libraries, dining rooms, apartments and stately homes, is known for his meticulous attention to detail. He has an international client list which includes eminent figures from the arts and industry as well as Royalty. With friends and clients such as Sir Elton John, he is no stranger to the celebrity world.

Gosling lives in a large 18th Century house in Clapham, south London, which is dripping with Christmas lights, Santas, gnomes, reindeer and Bambis. He is quoted as saying that “minimalism is lost on me, I am afraid,” so what better person to give The Luxury Channel his top tips on the art of the Christmas Tree?

“I’ve been collecting decorations for years — some that I’ve been given by friends, some that I’ve picked up in Salzburg on summer holidays to remind me of magical times I’ve shared with friends,” he reveals. “I collect Christmas decorations all year round, which then always reminds me of the brilliant times I had in New York, or Salzburg, or wherever I was. In fact, it’s amazing how many places, especially in Europe, sell Christmas decorations all year round.”

In terms of his decorations, Gosling points out a tiger from Bergdoff Goodman in New York and a London bus which came from Fortnum & Mason. He also clips birds onto the branches “to stop the heaviest decorations moving off the branch.” He adds, “always go for glass decorations, so they can hang properly. Venice has some extraordinary ones which are worth going out there for.”

So, what about the tree lights? “I love having coloured lights,” Gosling says, but warns “don’t make them flash as you stop seeing the actual decorations.”

He adds that “having a train around the tree is a must. It’s great fun for the kids to play with on the floor and the dog loves it too! I have a train set in my dining room which is a model version of 1940s London Blackfriars. No Christmas would be complete without a train set. I also love decorating the fireplace with a range of Christmas pieces, depending on the painting above.”

Lastly, Gosling smiles, “have fun with it, do not take it too seriously; it’s about children, nephews and nieces, dogs, fun, laughter and sharing. It’s a time to embrace it all.”

For more information, go to www.tgosling.com.