The Very First ‘VeryFirstTo’ Awards By Hannah Norman

Director Gurinder Chadha and overall winner Zaha Hadid

Director Gurinder Chadha and Woody Yao, Associate Director at overall winner Zaha Hadid

Awards ceremonies, despite the celebration and recognition of the talents of the winners, are understandably geared towards the achievements of those who are already established. There are very few that focus solely on awarding the up-and-coming – but from whiskey to wine, handbags to hotels, if it’s new or undiscovered, (and in the luxury arena), VeryFirstTo will already have it on their radar.

The very first VeryFirstTo Awards on Wednesday 9th January were a very poignant way of both celebrating the latest innovations and inventions, and bringing them to the attention of an eager crowd who had been invited to this exclusive do.

With an impressive Luxeforecast covering every aspect of the luxury arena, VeryFirstTo had managed to whittle down an extensive list of new products and services to just forty finalists. The Awards were split into six categories (Fashion Accessories, Health & Beauty, Home, Leisure, Tech and Venues), with one overall winner (before you ask, Zaha Hadid was awarded this honour, for the Z.Boat).

Despite only being in its infancy, VeryFirstTo is perfectly placed to continue to bring the newest ideas to the forefront of luxury consciousness. They may be an embodiment of the very thing they are trying to endorse, but this is one innovation that can surely only grow.

Zaha Hadid's Z.Boat

Zaha Hadid’s Z.Boat