The Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show By Françoise Almasa Alunni

Hamann Mirr6r's silver car

Hamann Mirr6r Silver Car

Françoise Almasa Alunni reports from Top Marques Monaco….

Looking for the 007 Skyfall top of the range helicopter or the latest crème de la crème automotive model? Then you should have been at the Top Marques Monaco Supercar Show. Despite the global recession, demand for the ‘Top Toys’ has never been stronger. Gold is definitely the note for this year, whether you have it in your car paint from Soleil Motors, on your bike from Lauge Jensen….or even your lingerie from Rococo Dessous!

Soleil Motors' Gold Car

Soleil Motors’ Gold Car

Looking at acquiring a new property? See the Hamilton Grand St. Andrews project. To reach it, you can always contact Flight Source to provide you with the private jet you have always wanted. And why not furnish your new home with that unique Schimmel pianoforte designed every year by a different artist, and decorate your interior with Crystal Caviar’s most unbelievable materials?

Vasanta Elephant, covered in Swarovski crystals

Vasanta Elephant, covered in Swarovski crystals

Richness is the focus of this show, but anyone could come and have a look at these luxurious products, whether they were automotive models from Pagani, or the most exceptional piece of jewellery like a 400 carat rough diamond presented by Boulle, or a sublime pair of boots in brilliant red suede and embroidered with pearls from Mercedeh. You could also watch the most innovative TV, combining a fantastic piece of art and a retro projector, from S.A.M.C.O.

With so much to soak up, we’ve definitely been inspired to make a few luxurious up-grades!

Lauge Jensen's Gold Motorbike

Lauge Jensen’s Gold Motorbike