The QMS Facial By The Luxury Channel

QMS bespoke facials are a lesson in routine and results….

!QMS Medi Cosmetics

Establishing a skin-care routine is something that we all know that we should do. Our mother’s reiterate it, as do the top beauty journalists and experts – but it is often an impossible thing to commit to.

We are all so easily distracted by a pretty product, its smell, or the product’s proclaimed ability to transform skin in an instant. It is no wonder that our skin gets confused and requires a re-build every so often! Mine was no different.

Step into Chelsea’s QMS Medicosmetics Spa….

Having interviewed their founder, Dr. med. Erich Schulte, I was impressed by his scientific knowledge and pioneering research. Here (with the presence of this great spa in Chelsea) was a chance to take preventative action against the signs of aging and protect my skin for the future. However, this was no overnight beauty fix – this was to be a dedicated attempt to re-vitalize my skin. So I committed to a facial a month for six months with QMS’s trained aesthetician.

The Art of The Routine – A Step-By-Step Guide

To begin with, the skin is cleansed twice with QMS’s deep cleansing product, and removed with water and sponges. It feels cool and fresh against the skin and any make-up is removed easily and gently.

  • The skin is then analysed by an QMS aesthetician.
  • QMS Exfoliate fluid (with 10% fruit acid) is then applied to the skin.
  • Followed by enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells.
  • The face is then given a steam and pain-free extraction.
  • An algae mask is then applied to the face (including the mouth and eyelids). It feels cool and heavy (but in a good way). This completes the exfoliation process and lifts away any remaining dead skin cells.
  • At this stage, it’s time to balance the PH level of the skin with a freshening tonic and then an Oxygen Boost (98% pure oxygen) to help skin cells function as nature intended.
  • Collagen is then applied to the skin for moisture followed by an Activator mask, which locks in that moisture and de-stresses the skin.
  • The QMS beauty therapist then massages the neck and décolletage in order to relax the muscles.
  • Finally, Cellular Alpine is applied under the eyes and liquid proteins are applied to the face.

Key Lessons

  • Your skin likes routine.
  • Drink water – don’t allow your body (or your skin) to get de-hydrated!
  • If you cannot commit to a skin-routine at home then an intensive treatment at QMS each month will keep you on the right track!

Top Tip: One of my favourite things about visiting the QMS Spa was the opportunity to snuggle for an hour in one of their exceptionally soft spa towels. I was delighted to discover that you can buy them from Majestic Spa Supplier.

Our Favourite QMS Products

The Classic Collagen Set

Includes Exfoliate Fluid, Night Collagen and Day Collagen – these products work in synergy and help reduce the signs of aging.

Top Tip: Great for the face but the collagen can also be applied to scars or scratches to speed up healing.

£171.00 (3x30ml)
£215.00 (3x50ml)

The Sports Active Cream

Don’t be put off by the colour, as this lightly tinted day cream with SPF and vitamins gives skin a fantastic glow and ‘‘bounce.’’ Men love it too.

£66.00 (30ml)

Activator Mask

This mask is refreshing and has a nice ‘‘ritual’’ process to it that helps you feel very pampered (even at home or on a plane). With a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen, skin will feel smoother and less stressed out!

£66.00 (100 ml with 8 item tabs)

See The Luxury Channel’s interview with Dr. med. Erich Schulte. He talked to us about ground-breaking advances in cosmetic treatments and how he pioneered the use of Sea Fennel stem cells in the beauty industry.

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