The Porsche Cayman – In A Class of Its Own By Victoria Macmillan Bell

Porche Cayman

This mid-engined model launched for the first time in 2005. Now in its 3rd guise, it’s still the car that took my breath away when I first experienced it. It’s still astounding in every way and of course, now it’s faster, lighter thanks to being almost all aluminium, and bestowed with even better dexterity, no other car out there comes close.

Available with a choice of two flat six engines, firstly with 275bhp is the 2.7litre followed by the 325bhp 3.4litre S version. Pair this with either the optional 7-speed PDK twin-clutch paddle-shift or the standard 6-speed manual gearbox.

Porche Cayman S

The interior continues to be the shrine to simplicity and spot-on functionality it always has been – please don’t misread this for dull, for dull it is not. It has been upgraded, reflecting the revisions made on Boxster; you feel the extra width and larger contoured seats but along with this, you’re so aware that you’re sitting in something of superb quality.

Now built on the same chassis as the latest Boxster, itself stunning, the front track has been increased, the wheelbase is wider and the car is lower and thus even more planted when pushing the boundaries of physics.

As for the drive, the Cayman is in a class of its own. Whether you choose the 2.7 or the 3.4, both will return your investment with spade-loads of thrills and delight. The 2.7 will have you working harder for the result but the satisfaction is immeasurable.

Porche Cayman

Razor-sharp steering cuts around switchback mountainous bends, power is instantaneous and oh how we love that throttle-blip as the gears are exchanged. Press the Sport button and handling tightens up yet further and then there’s the sublime engine noise bouncing off the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

Just as amazing are the brakes and the trust you place in them. Never compromised here. And the sheer amounts of grip – mind blowing.

But do you know what is truly immense? All of this is yours for under £50,000. That’s staggering. This is the best Porsche on the market, followed by Boxster.

Cayman is simply untouchable. It is in a class all of its own.

Prices from £39,694.

Porsche Cayman Black Edition

Porsche Cayman Black Edition

Porsche has also released a special edition mid-engined, two-seat sports coupé. The new Porsche Cayman Black Edition emphasises the timeless and sporting elegance of the coupé. As the name suggests, the model is distinguished by a combination of a black paint finish and black partial leather interior, with further special equipment fitted as standard. The Porsche Cayman Black Edition is priced from £45,989 RRP in the UK.