The Organic Stylist By Antonia Pearce

Daniel Galvin Junior shows us how he’s made green hair cool….

Daniel Galvin Junior has been passionate about living an organic lifestyle since his late twenties. He has been instrumental in not only the designer haircare market, but in changing the world of beauty for the better and uses organic ingredients in his own label Daniel Galvin Junior haircare.

Daniel Galvin Jr.

Your salon in Belgravia is the talk of town. What makes it so unique?

We opened the new Daniel Galvin Junior Colour salon in Belgravia as it is in one of the most desirable locations for my clientele. They both shop and live here. The Grade II listed building is filled with lots of natural light in an atmosphere that has a bespoke and personal feel. I am a big believer that the days of monster salons and an “in and out” mentality are very impersonal. Our clients enjoy this relaxed and personal service.

The Salon interiors are white, clean and elegant with views of creamy, residential Belgravia. Who was responsible for the interior design?

My wife, Suzanna Galvin, designed the salon – it is her forte. She is responsible for all the aesthetics. We wanted a homely feel, not too contemporary or formal. The nice thing about having this set-up is that the clients will turn around and talk to one another and interact. It is a social environment.

What are your tips for red carpet-ready hair?

Red carpet-ready hair is not about fashion; it is about style. Oscar Wilde famously said that “fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever,” and that is a big part of our business ethos. We like things to be sustainable and to bring out our clients’ natural beauty – so natural and beautiful hair. It is about the lady and how she feels.

How do you choose the right colour for your clients?

I look at the lip and skin tone. The colour you use in the hair should be used as cosmetic. It should make the skin brighter and the lips redder. Hair should be shiny like glass – a crowning glory!

Traditionally colouring has put hair under a great amount of stress. However, your clients’ hair positively glows with health. How do you maintain and promote healthy hair?

If you colour your hair, you should give the hair a detox. I would suggest our salon detox treatment that is filled with vitamins. It’s a completely natural and organic product and takes any pollution and product build-up away from the hair. All of a sudden, colour that may have been suppressed by the environment becomes alive again. It becomes more translucent. Cider vinegar and vitamin C are very good for the hair.

You seem to have thought about all aspects of your clients’ lifestyle. What other treatments do you provide at the Salon?

We have Zoe who offers manicures and pedicures whilst clients get their colour done. I have never met anybody as innovative and creative as Zoe. She works without nail varnish so there is no need for toxins or potent smells. Her nails do not deteriorate the quality of the nails. It’s like what we do with hair. I am all about the integrity of the hair. We also offer a service for some of our ladies where if they have been out to lunch or shopping and do not have time to go home, they can bring their evening dress here and have their hair and a spray tan done. The next day, we courier their bags home.

Tell me about your organic haircare range?

I developed the range about ten years ago. I was living a very organic lifestyle and being healthy, and I noticed how the organic produce in supermarkets continued to grow. It showed me that people are obviously really benefiting from this. I then looked at the shampoos on the shelf and saw the designer hair care, with nice packaging, but the ingredients were impossible to understand. I saw this as an opportunity – an untapped sector for me to do something about.

How did you persuade beauty editors and clients that the future of hair was organic?

We embarked on a huge amount of research with twelve different chemists and I started to find alternative products. For example, for UV protectors, I used wheat and bran which adhere themselves to the cuticle of the hair. Ten years ago we found it very hard to compete against science. However, at the present time, we are not just competing with science, we are beating it! We kept the faith and believed in the dream. Having educated beauty editors, they saw that their hair started feeling better. Organic products are not forcing the hair to do something it does not want to do. Now we have over 64 organic products on the shelf.

Do you also do an organic range for babies?

This was inspired by the birth of my son. We started with a lavender range, which is very calming. It’s a natural antiseptic so it does not strip the natural oils from babies’ skin.

Was it at this point that you formed a relationship with The Prince’s Trust?

HRH Prince of Wales is the visionary of this country. What he has achieved speaks for itself. He was quite ahead of his time. Buckingham Gate approached me eight years ago. They were fans of my organic shampoo range and acknowledged that it had been developed with a lot of integrity. As such, they asked me if I would develop products for the Duchy Originals brand. We went ahead creating shampoos and conditioners. They smell amazing and are filled with organic essential oils such as mandarin, rose, lime, milkthistle and lavender. We then extended this to include hand creams and soaps.

You are now an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust. What does this role entail?

I was invited to become an ambassador of The Prince’s Trust, which is a role I feel very privileged to do. This is a way of giving back. Don’t get me wrong, I was not a saint in my past and had a very chemical-based lifestyle! I enjoy doing charitable work and find it very rewarding. As an ambassador, I looked again at the industry I am in and questioned what we are doing in this industry to help kids from underprivileged or criminal backgrounds. Everyone deserves a second chance and a new beginning. So I took twenty kids and gave them all trial days. It was quite overwhelming really, as they all really wanted the job. However, at the same time I had a duty of care to my existing client list. I was only supposed to choose four out of the twenty applicants but I actually ended up choosing seven. They have all flourished and flown the nest having been mentored for two years.

What is next for your brand?

We are developing exclusive, organic products for the Salon, one of them being the hair spa and the other is in development at the moment. I would like to open another three salons, with this salon being the blue print around the country. Hair colour is my heritage – it is what my reputation was built on – so continuity and consistency is absolutely vital.

What is luxury?

Luxury is the experience of the best service. Luxury to me is how I feel after that experience. Good service in a nice environment. You should feel uplifted and relaxed.

Daniel Galvin Junior Haircare is sold through Ocado, Waitrose and online