The Magic of Tea By The Luxury Channel

For tea lovers everywhere! Alice Parsons’ book The Magic of Tea is a beautiful homage to the enchanting world of tea….

Magic of Tea

Starting with the essential cup to greet each day, The Magic of Tea explores the history, rituals, folklore and flavours of the world of tea through the arc of the day. It discovers the stories of Lapsang Souchong and Earl Grey, Darjeeling and Russian Caravan together with Chai, Mate, Matcha and Rooibos, and travels the world to discover Black teas, Blue teas, Green teas, White teas and Iced teas.

Alice Parsons also shares her delicious and delightful recipes to accompany your tea – from traditional breakfast marmalade to high tea scones, hearty welsh rarebit, elegant tea smoked trout and cooling green tea ice-cream. This is truly a book that all tea lovers will treasure.

The Magic of Tea is published by Jane Curry Publishing, and is available in the UK from all good bookshops, priced £7.99.