Spy Watches By The Luxury Channel

You may not have your own personal Q or all the nifty gadgets that Daniel Craig has in the James Bond films, but you can indulge in your own bit of high-end espionage with an extremely stylish range of voice recorder and walkie talkie watches. We promise you’ll keep time better than anyone else on Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

The walkie talkie watches are an invaluable asset for any would-be spy. They allow two people to communicate with one another up to a range of 2.5km – ideal for communicating during a complex stake-out or just meeting up on the ski slopes. Achieved by the in-built compact swivelling antenna, the watch also comes supplied with a backlit LCD screen, a 3.7v lithium battery and charger.

The voice recorder watches have a recording capacity of 256 hours (ideal for those long-term operations) which will enable them to function as a Dictaphone for business meetings and covert assignments alike. They save voice recordings as both WAV and MP3 files, which means that they will be compatible with any computer operating system. The watches also come with stereo earphones and a headphone adaptor; handily, they also function as MP3 players so you can listen to music on your travels.

Particularly useful for any would-be secret agent or even a busy road warrior are the integrated 1GB flash memory which can store any amount of classified information and built-in rechargeable batteries which will help any agent in a tight fix. They’re also shockproof – ideal if you find yourself caught in a compromising situation, as Bond and his ilk often do.

Available from The Luxury Channel Collection, price £130.