The Lancasters By The Luxury Channel

The Luxury Channel gets an exclusive preview of The Lancaster property development at a pop-up exhibition of contemporary art and jewellery.

The Lancasters, Hyde Park

The Lancasters Hyde Park was built in the mid-nineteenth century, so it has seen its fair share of glitzy gatherings and social whirls. However, if the walls could talk, their tales would most likely have been about society ladies meeting for lunch, debutante balls or distinguished dinners. That was until Thursday 14 October, when the re-developed properties opened their doors to an evening of contemporary art, high jewellery and bellinis presented by Ty Wood, Violetta Gruosi, Jess Hollander Kane and Olivia Innocenti. The Luxury Channel popped along to get a sneak peek at the new homes while admiring some fabulous art and jewellery.

Scream gallery was presenting a show of three emerging artists, Russell Young, Mark Evans and Bruce French, providing an unusual buy prednisone contrast to the Grade II architecture of the buildings. However, like the Lancaster redevelopment, the show presented a fusion of past and present: Evans’ hyper-realistic portraiture is given a modern and prehistoric twist when painted onto ethically sourced animal hide, while Young presented a collection of portraits of cultural icons.

We were given another glimpse of modern history in the works of Gino Hollander. We didn’t snap one up, but had we done, we would have been in good company: he was collected by famous names such as Jackie Kennedy, Steve McQueen and Norman Rockwell.

However, the real star of the show had to be the apartments. The Intarya interiors fuse classic detailing with contemporary furnishings and the result is a well-balanced style that feels comfortable and traditional, yet resolutely modern. The perfect setting for a fascinating exhibition of art, jewels and champers…

The Lancasters