The Intuitive And The Bride By Antonia Pearce

Antonia Pearce meets Katie Winterbourne for some pre-marital guidance….

Katie Winterbourne offers insight, clarity and positive guidance for people in search of their true purpose and has helped them fulfill their full potential. But what can she tell me about my forthcoming marriage?

Katie Winterbourne

Katie’s skills fall into three categories: clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. She uses all simultaneously. They help her to ‘‘unravel the self and find any blocks in the client’s system. It opens the individual to heal and take on new information.’’

I am encouraged to relax and take a series of deep cleansing breaths. Relaxation is easy with Katie. She has an extremely gentle nature and makes me feel at ease. She warns that there might be tears but that I must listen to my instincts and respond accordingly. I must ‘‘release my past and future and step into the here and now.’’ I am to think about all the things I want clarity and guidance on.

Newly engaged, all things wedding-related were at the forefront of my mind and hysterically one of the first things that Katie said to me was how ‘‘girlie and feminine all my peripheral thoughts were.’’ My energy was filled with anticipation and excitement. This was a pleasant relief. I am a worrier by nature; I always feared the risks associated with an intuitive or psychic. I was weary of the power of suggestion. But there was nothing to fear – Katie looks for the positive and hopes to give constructive, appropriate guidance in a supportive environment.

We discuss everything from my childhood, my parents, my love, and my future dreams and ambitions.

Once your energy has been established Katie moves on to cards. She uses cards called the Zen Deck. They work to echo and confirm the messages that Katie has already picked up in your energy. Katie believes that my marriage will be a happy one and we seek to confirm this with the Zen Deck. The card I get is ‘‘Ordinary’’ – with a scenic display of a man or woman walking through blossom trees. I feel a wave of disappointment cloud over my heart. I have always been taught that ‘‘ordinary’’ is something to keep away from. Like the word ‘‘average,’’ it has none of the passion or excitement that I would have hoped for in my marriage. In my mind, ordinary means boring. Picking up on my fears, Katie reminds me that it is a beautiful and natural card. The marriage is meant to be. We must learn to make the ordinary extraordinary and not take it for granted. I thought about what Flaubert wrote, “be regular and orderly in your life like a bourgeois, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” Stability creates beauty and all that.

We end the session with a pre-cognitive card. According to Katie ‘‘this is about as Mystic Meg as she gets.’’ I get ‘‘The Fighter’’ and am again swept with panic! Paradoxically, this card means it is time to take my armour off. Katie tells me that I will always be forthright but I need to start being less like Boudicca in a chariot and learn not to struggle when there needn’t be a fight.

I leave feeling peaceful and more in tune with myself. I recommend Katie to my mother and all my friends.

Katie’s Rules For Stressed-Out Brides (or ‘‘how to protect your energy when everyone has an opinion!’’)


The first key to managing your energy is noticing what is happening around you. So whether it is a workload that is too stressful or a schedule that is too full on – you need to scale it down.

Don’t Over-Stimulate

Make sure that you have time-out from a stressful environment. Don’t turn on any additional external stimulus and know that you can turn off your telephone and technology. It is about spending some time alone. Meditation is a vital life tool. People who know how to look after themselves are so much more equipped at dealing with their issues. Leading you to be more inspired and creative!


Anything done with clear intention is powerful. Focus on everything that you are doing.


No-one knows how to breathe anymore. Breath is the life force and creates energy. There is a saying that ‘‘the man who only half breathes, half lives.’’

Be Authentic

It takes a lot of energy to keep yourself down, be angry or frightened. When you are authentic, your energy starts to flow. Listen to what you want.

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