The ‘Hira’ Diamond Collection By The Luxury Channel

The Luxury Channel previews the ‘Hira’ diamond collection by Pippa Small.

Pippa Small

Pippa Small’s inspired gems are full of rich cultural references and anthropological insights. Much loved for her ethical convictions and masterful collaborations with luxury brands such as Nicole Farhi, Chloe and Astley Clarke. Pippa Small’s jewellery is combined with an ethical commitment that goes beyond rhetoric, supporting communities in Bolivia, Panama, Africa and Afganistan.

Her next collection is inspired by ancient Indian Mogul jewellery and the work of Gustav Klimt. Old rose-cut diamonds (sourced from precious antique, Indian jewellery) are set in a mosaic of Klimt style abstractions to create round pendants and bracelets.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the collection rings and pendants are reminiscent of Greek volcanic pebbles that have been studded with diamonds and delicately placed on hand made chains.

In stores from October 2010 .