The Grayshott Programme – For The Luxury of Feeling On Top of The World By Fiona Sanderson

Regular readers of The Luxury Channel’s online magazine will remember Fiona Sanderson’s article about Grayshott Spa, from December. She promised she’d be returning in January to try out their strict, 7 day rejuvenation programme….

Grayshott Spa

Have you ever felt bloated and lethargic, with absolutely no zest for the day ahead? Well, I have and didn’t realise this feeling had become normal for me until I tried The Grayshott Programme. But this was more than just an improvement to my sluggish feeling – it really was life-changing. After 7 days of adjustments to my diet and routine, not only did I feel better but I also managed to quit smoking too!

The 7 day Grayshott Programme works on the principle that to obtain optimum health, you must have a healthy, fully-functioning digestive system. It is a scientifically-backed dietary protocol, with specific eating practices and therapeutic treatments, designed to tackle health from the inside out. By restoring the digestive system and getting it to function properly, it is known to help in addressing weight loss, blood pressure, joint pain, energy levels, backache, arthritis and diabetes, amongst a host of other health problems.

From the minute you arrive, you know you are in goods hands. Grayshott has a network of specialists ranging from Doctors and Consultants to Herbalists, Nutritionists and Natural Treatment Therapists. Their purpose is to give emotional support and advice both during and after the programme.

The Grayshott Restaurant

I was given a carefully planned regime, and my diet was specifically put together to heal and regenerate my body. Apart from starting with digestive bitters, and fresh sauerkraut (yes, you did get used to it!) our meals were delicious and there was little abstinence as in most health spas. Our breakfast choices ranged from gravadlax with avocado, and stewed fruits with cinnamon and sunflower seeds, to piquillo pepper and spinach omelette, and truffled free-range eggs with grilled mushrooms. Our dinner menu gave us choices such as pan-fried sea bass with Mediterranean salad, and roasted duck breast with cucumber, leek and plum sauce. For our main course, we could have venison loin with sweet chestnuts, or cod fillet with artichokes and Atlantic scallops. Even with these filling courses, my fellow programme-mates and I were able to loose considerable weight.

Our daily treatments included therapeutic abdominal massages, hydro baths and Castor Oil Compresses to support healing and detoxification. Gaps between treatments were filled with gentle exercise, yoga, tai chi, and relaxation and breathing classes.

Abdominal Massage

In the evenings, we listened to some fascinating lectures, which gave us the latest insights into anti-oxidants, super foods, fats and anti-stress foods. I was particularly impressed with one of the developers of the programme, Stephanie Moore, who certainly practises what she preaches. Combining her experience in Nutritional Medicine with a background in psychotherapy and counselling, her interests are in the psychological and physical barriers to weight loss – adrenal fatigue and stress management, fertility issues and digestive disorders.

With freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, it was not difficult to switch off from my hectic life and give myself the best start I could, with a new regime and a new vitality that I had not felt for years. I will definitely be doing the follow-up programme. Keep watching this space!

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