The Food of Love By The Luxury Channel

The Food of Love

Valentine lovebirds in search of a gastronomic treat and burst of Scottish Highland air should look no further than Ackergill Tower this February.

Two Michelin star chef, Andrew Fairlie, and the Tower’s Head Chef, Kevin Dalgleish, have developed a fabulous foodie demonstration (made from the finest, locally sourced beef, lamb and fresh seafood) and selected an array of indulgent wines for guests at the Tower.

Think Drams and Sloe Gin in the Gun Hall and traditional Scottish Ceilidh and Pipers whilst enjoying Ackergill Tower at its most romantic and intimate. This is just one of the 15th century tower’s many “Open House Party” weekends planned for this year, which allow guests to enjoy this very secluded and beautiful castle in a private capacity.

To book your tickets, call 01955 603 556, or visit