Attracta Courtney – The Chameleon By The Luxury Channel

Attracta Courtney is one of the most celebrated make-up artists in the fashion and beauty industry. Her secret insider tips and tricks will ensure you are camera-ready in no time!

The Chameleon

How do you advise and tend to your clients in preparation for red carpet events?

I recommend Carita’s pro-lift/pro-radiance treatment. It is a salon-based, French brand that is absolutely brilliant for toning and lifting the skin. Follow up with their Carita Diamond of Beauty moisturiser.

What products do you recommend for youthful glows and starlet-perfect smiles?

I am a firm believer in the importance of touch; assessing, feeling and listening to the voice of your skin. The key to good skin maintenance is gentle exfoliation, nourishing moisturisers and hydration.

Masks and Creams

Skin Primers

  • Primers help to close pores and give a luminous, smoother tone. Armani primer is excellent –
  • YSL Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare Brush – is a very sensational experience with excellent results –

The Chameleon


I like Clinique. If foundation is too matte, it can flatten the skin’s appearance. One key Spring/Summer trend is luminous skin that glows with vitality. Clinique’s gentle light make-up is ideal for this.


I like Dior Skin Nude Origins Quick Hide Concealer. Finish with a water spray such as Deepsea Water by Shu Uemura to keep skin really fresh.


MÁDARA lip gloss in Moonkissed is a great biscuit colour, rich fuschia pigment lipsticks from MAC are good, Tom Ford’s lipstick in Ginger Fawn is so on-trend for the coral shade and Celebrity Red by Dior is fantastic.

Make-up to withstand flash bulbs….what products and styles do you suggest?

Make-up, in its application, should be about the lightness of touch: revealing rather than concealing. You should strive for the perfect balance between hydration and glow, so think chic and sophisticated – ideally, apply a loose powder to absorb any shine after you have applied foundation. Armani or Clinique mineral-based powders are good.


For creamy blushers, try Chantecaille. Smile when applying blusher to reveal the apples of the cheeks. Ensure you use a great blusher brush from the Suqqu range to give you that hint of blush effect.


For sexy kitten eyes, apply Shu Uemura fake-eye lashes to the lash line and through. Focus on the lower lashes in particular for a Penelope Tree feel. YSL’s Ombre Solo eye shadows are fantastic for their luxurious colour range. Opt for greys, mauves or chocolate browns to create a modern, smoky, smouldering eye. Finish the look with Guerlain’s two-in-one mascara – apply to the outer and inner corners of the eye. Take time to apply the wand over the individual lashes.


For bronzers, try Guerlain’s Terracotta range and Givenchy’s Prisim range. Rimmel London has a fantastic bronzing range of products also.

In your opinion, what is the most luxurious skin product on the market?

It’s all about using a product and getting familiar with it and being very happy with the results. It does not always have to be the most expensive product. Lower priced products such as Ponds Cold Cream or the new organic range by Aromatherapy Associates can work miracles on the skin, as can La Prairie, Zelens or Crème de la Mer.

You work with some of the world’s most respected photographers and high-profile celebrities. What is the relationship between make-up artist and client?

Between make-up artist and model: When I work with a model or a celebrity (whether they are up-and-coming or very famous), it is all about building a sense of trust. Trust leads to real creativity. My aim is to make the woman walking in front of the camera look and feel a million dollars.

Between make-up artist and photographer: the creative collaboration is a magical journey. We can be inspired by an old visual; however, it is our role to bring that image from retro to a new modernity – a new explanation/translation of where photography, make-up and fashion are going. My role is always looking at ways to nudge make-up into new, beautiful directions with an aspirational twist.

You edit and creatively direct the book 8A with Ann Shore – tell us more?

8A was born out of a desire to bring a beautiful alternative into publication – a book that celebrates women and their unique beauty. It is a celebration of craftsmanship from the printing to all the contributors who captured all that is inspiring and fantastic in our industry. Within the content, there are opportunities to pause, reflect and embrace beauty, a very personal journey where the artists involved leave you to decide and question what is beauty. The vision was to bring out the emotional character and physical beauty of women. For me, it is the woman who brings fashion and make-up alive, in her own unique, mysterious way.

Who or what is an example of a true beauty?

Beauty is in everyone waiting to unfold, magnetic when used in the right way. There is an inner mystery that exudes when a woman feels beautiful. Beauty is not just a lipstick. Beauty is so many different factors. Essentially, it’s embracing one’s femininity, knowing and internal wisdom.

What is luxury?

Luxury is confidence. When you have confidence within yourself, you radiate a glow that is reflected in your eyes, your smile, your skin, the tone of your voice and your demeanor. When you have that inner confidence, you have outer beauty, which is priceless.

Attracta Courtney’s clients include Georgia May Jagger, Daisy Lowe, Hayley Atwell and Eva Longoria. For more information, go to .