The Blonde In Winter By Antonia Pearce

Like clipped peacock feathers, the Winter blonde loses some of her sparkle. Antonia Pearce books an emergency appointment at Aldo Coppola….

Blonde in Winter

As if tarred with a dull splash of talcum powder, the Winter blonde is a sad creature. Loss of lustre and woeful glances at her holiday snaps – the blonde in Winter is best described as ash, dull, dry and brassy at best. There is something shameful about this moment in the cycle of the blonde’s year. Exposed, the blonde runs cloak and dagger into a trusted salon.

But where to go? The Luxury Channel’s (naturally) blonde editor checks out a hairdresser who knows how to bring back a blonde’s mojo!

The Art Director at Aldo Coppola, in London’s Sloane Avenue, is one of the best. Oscar Mercaldi takes to the hair like a wizard about to cook up a magical potion. Quiet in tone and quite intense in temperament – I whispered quickly that no cut was expected today – I wanted a golden touch and no streaks!

We wanted to move away from the blonde ‘‘zebra look’’ to achieve something that would gently infuse the hair with a sun-kissed, fluid feel. The most vital element was that the colour was not drying. Blonde hair, like blue eyes, is slightly more vulnerable than the darker variety. For example, a few highlights before my summer holiday had left me sobbing into my hairbrush as big clumps of my hair had to be cut out after swimming in the sea!

At Aldo Coppola, I felt in the best of hands. The Philippe Starck-furnished salon is renowned for its innovative ‘‘palming’’ and ‘‘spreading’’ of colour. The process (known as ‘‘Shatush’’) involves your hair being backcombed, with colour applied to the loose ends – and equates to less obvious re-growth and glowing tresses.

The speed at which Oscar completed this technique was impressive – the colour was applied with such a carefree approach, as if each tendril was an abstract painting! Speed does not mean a loss of finish (Oscar ensures that you get a natural, glowing look) but it does mean that winter blondes can get their magic back in a lunch break.

The blonde is back!