Taking The Green Route: The Best Road Trips For Electric Cars By Gideon Parirenyatwa

With the weather turning for the better, many of us are thinking of taking the top down and hitting the open road. A popular bucket list feature, a road trip is a great way to explore without having to worry about public transport – it also means you get to see the world at your own pace. Road trips have always been the best way to travel cross-country while exploring epic views along the way – but with petrol and diesel cars soon becoming a thing of the past, are these trips under threat?

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) being sold due to the UK and a number of sustainable countries around the world setting goals to ban all petrol and diesel cars on the road. So, can EVs save the iconic road trip?

As a result of environmental awareness and developing technologies, the road trip of old is evolving into something more fully charged. Comparethemarket.com has put together a list of the best road trips to take in an EV, so you can explore new destinations while keeping your carbon footprint at a minimum.

The Best Road Trips For EVs

Africa – South Africa is known for its cultural diversity and some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Taking a road trip from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth offers stunning sights of Jeffreys Bay, Knysna, and Mossel Bay. Spanning 465 miles, it takes around eight hours to complete, and your EV will need around two charges with ten charging locations available along the route.

Asia – Explore Japan from the comfort of your car, along with the incredible views Osaka and Tokyo have to offer. Taking around six hours to complete, enjoy views of a modern metropolis from neon lights to skyscrapers, and natural wonders such as Mount Asama. There are 250 charging locations along the route, and this road trip only requires one charge.

Europe – With over nine different road trips to take in Europe, Porto to Lisbon will be a vibrant and memorable trip – offering the best sights, food and coasts Portugal has to offer. Enjoy 195 miles of driving through one of Europe’s most charismatic cities, stopping in Coimbra and Alhandra along the way, and takes less than three hours to complete. With 189 charging stations along the route, you’ll have plenty of choice for the one charge needed to complete this trip.

North America – No list is complete without the famous American road trip; the iconic route of Chicago to Los Angeles (known as Route 66) stretches over 2,015 miles. It takes around 30 hours to complete, with over 250 charging points along the route, which takes in iconic views of Iowa, Denver, Colorado, Utah and Las Vegas.

The Best EV Cars

The Tesla Model S 100D Dual Motor AWD was found to be the best EV for the highest range, with the Volkswagen e-Up! and Renault Zoe R110 ZE 40 having the shortest charging speeds. Meanwhile, research reveals the Hyundai Ioniq Electric gives one of the best ranges for cost per mile and charging time.

Powering Ahead – EV World Leaders

Who are the world leaders when it comes to electric vehicles? Well, the United States takes the lead with over 17,680 charging locations and 29,252 charging stations. Also, home to the renowned automotive and electric car brand, Tesla, the country has seen a surge in the number of EV sales – in 2016, there were 157,117 plug-in hybrids and electric cars sold in the USA compared to 2018, when there was 361,307 (an increase of 129%).

Whilst across the pond takes the lead on the number of stations, Europe is actually the world leader for EVs, with eight countries featuring in the top ten overall. Germany has over 11,802 charging locations and 28,967 stations, with the United Kingdom following behind with 6,959 charging locations and 10,553 stations.

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