Summer In The Hamptons With Hermès By The Luxury Channel

Hermès goes on holiday to Lond Island with the opening of a new store in East Hampton.

Not wishing to be left behind by shoppers escaping the city for the summer, this month Hermès is to launch a seasonal store in East Hampton. Luxury retailers including Polo Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Gucci, Coach and Eli Tahari have previously opened stores there, but this is new territory for Hermès.

Robert Chavez, CEO of Hermès USA, explained, “We send a tremendous amount of merchandise out to the Hamptons pre-summer season and during the summer,” adding that if the store turned out to be successful the brand would look at making a firmer commitment to the location.

The 2,000 sq ft store will be open until late September and decorated to reflect the relaxed Hamptons aesthetic with sisal flooring and light decor. It will stock beachwear, summer fashion and informal gifts, jewellery and home accessories.

Hermès is soon to open a new Dubai store. The brand’s second Dubai outpost will be located in the Dubai Mall and will stock ready-to-wear, accessories, watches, jewellery and home furnishings in the 3,750 sq ft space. The store has been designed to resemble the brand’s Paris flagship.