Style Your Home With Dorya’s Green Furniture By Hannah Norman

Dorya Monroe Dining Table

Furniture-makers Dorya, recognised for their fine wood craftsmanship, is giving the green light to styling your home with green furniture. We’re not just talking colours, you understand, but credentials. Since 1996, Dorya has had a partnership with environmental charity Mother Earth and in the process, created a scheme whereby a tree seedling is planted for every piece of furniture produced. To date, over 36,000 trees have been planted.

Forest replenishment is something that Dorya has whole-heartedly embraced, and in 2006, joined forces with United Nations’ Billion Tree Campaign, which aims to save the globe’s rapidly depleting forests. Within the first three years of the Campaign, over seven billion trees had been planted in over 170 countries.

The Green Chair By Dorya

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solid wood and exotic veneer furniture, Dorya’s commitment to ecological production has also resulted in the foundation of The Green Chair Initiative, a charity set up by the company to ensure the proceeds from every chair sold go to an eco-friendly charity. The chair in question is one of Dorya’s most popular designs – a richly upholstered green velvet armchair (pictured above), with deep button detailing and classic fringe available from Interio (visit or phone +44 (0)1202 717017).

As well as charitable initiatives, eco-responsibility is also adhered to in the Dorya factory. In order to optimize the efficiency of wood usage, an intelligent computer system calculates how much of each piece gets used and subsequently, how much is left, thereby dramatically reducing unnecessary wood waste.

All of this ensures that when it comes to styling your home green (it is this year’s colour, after all!), you’re not just making a style statement, but an ethical one as well.