Style Power – The Luxury Channel Meets Marigay McKee By The Luxury Channel

Harrods Style


What are the main looks for next year, and where have the inspirations come from?

For next year, the look is ladylike chic. Think Grace Kelly in the 50s, Jackie O in the 60s, Ali McGraw in the 70s and Faye Dunaway in the 80s – all emanated an understated glamour. Cool, casual, refined style for weekends. Think Love Story meets The Thomas Crown Affair.

  1. Definitely a LBD from Alaia or Lanvin for classic every day wear.
  2. A trench as a key outerwear statement from Burberry Prorsum for chic factor.
  3. A great combat pant from J brand. The ‘‘Agnes’’ is a more feminine version of the treasured Houlihan.

What have been your favourite pieces from the catwalks?

Anything Alaia. Everything Lanvin. All of the Victoria Beckham lady lunch dresses. Erdem’s florals for the social calendar and Prada’s shifts for day.


What changes have you seen over the past few years in the way people are shopping and the brands and items they are buying?

People are buying more classic, timeless pieces at the top end of the spectrum. Customers are looking for high quality fabrics and an attention to detail, and are opting for more neutral shades such as beiges, creams, greys and whites and neon brights only for a pop of colour. Black, however, has not changed and remains a staple for day and night.

Are there any new designers to look out for?

Wes Gordon in the States is a fresh-faced talent to watch, as is Lee Klabin from London, whose dresses are proving a big hit, and Nabil El Nayal from the RCA.

Why do people still like to shop in-store?

Customers want to experience the sheer theatre, activity and the array of luxury on offer. For some it’s entertainment as well as shopping, for many it’s a pastime to be enjoyed with friends and family. A store should be offering an experience with a point of difference, wow factor, with great product, great people and great service.

Harrods Style


Who are your top three female fashion icons?

Everyone knows it’s Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn.

Do you agree that women dress for other women?

I’m not sure, but I think women should dress for themselves, not to impress.

Can you define style?

Style is a personal and individual expression of oneself. Style can also be an experiment, it should be a definition, but above all, style should be fun!

Do you have a ‘‘Luxury Confession?’’

La Prairie body lotion all over is my secret confession. Worth every ounce and a good return on investment!