Stella McCartney Launches UN Charter To Wake Up The World of Fast Fashion By The Luxury Channel

John Cloppenburg, Johanna Klum and Stella McCartney (image courtesy of Frazer Harrison for Getty Images)

As famous as she is for her fluid and feminine fashion, Stella McCartney is perhaps equally as well known for her passion for the environment. She frequently marries the two, such as her well-publicised use of faux fur and the staging of her fashion shoots in locations that allow her to publicise environmental issues. Having bought back her business from Kering this year (the fashion conglomerate previously owned 50% of the brand), McCartney is undeterred from forging ahead with eco-conscious fashion, while putting the causes closest to her heart firmly in the spotlight.

So it’s little surprise that she’s launching a UN Charter for Sustainable Fashion, which she herself collaborated on. The fashion industry remains one of the world’s most environmentally damaging, and so the charter is being put in place to help brands face up to the devastation that they are ultimately wreaking, with 16 commitments to promote change for the better.

“We really don’t have long now, to change things,” McCartney said recently in an interview with The Guardian. “But I honestly believe it’s doable – I couldn’t do what I do if I didn’t believe that.” She added that, “The sustainability conversation is really the only one that I am interested in having.” Which, to McCartney’s credit, is something she has always routinely and unapologetically trumpeted. What has become clear in the face of more meaningful and sustained conversations about the increasing threat to the environment from business practices, is that the industry as a whole needs to wake up to the cause and effect of the whole supply chain. “We can only fix this mess if we work together,” McCartney implored.

McCartney advocates that the future of the planet relies on brands getting on board with the charter, revealing that her personal idea of luxury is a wonderfully idyllic vision of having, “clean air to breathe, animals by our side that are happy and healthy, having pure water to drink, having Mother Nature and Planet Earth as the ultimate. I don’t know what else luxury is.” The charter is, at least, a very big step in this direction.