Spirited Away By Hannah Norman

Alexander & James Glasses

As the rise of Internet shopping continues ever upwards in terms of popularity, retailers are increasingly aware of the need to diversify trade onto an online platform. Sales of luxury spirits have followed suit, with Alexander & James one of the newest kids to have moved on to the virtual block. The ultimate shopping platform for those who love a little tipple, the site combines e-commerce with handy advice for pouring the perfect cocktails, recipe tips, and the background craft behind each spirit for sale.

With how-to videos to help you perfect your cocktail-making finesse, along with expert commentary to keep you in the mixology loop, Alexander & James allow you to do more than just simply buy a bottle of your favourite poison. If you’re not being self-indulgent and are buying for a friend, customization for certain purchases (free engraving on select Johnnie Walker bottles, for instance), and complementary luxury packaging ensures that your gift is particularly personal – especially with a Gift Finder that provides suggestions tailored to your loved one’s tastes. Plus, with a Rare Finds page for that hard-to-buy-for recipient, such as 21 year old Rosebank whiskey or a Johnnie Walker backgammon set, there’s every chance you’ll be able to find something that suits. In case you can’t remember what said person’s date of birth is (and in a further embrace of the digital age), Alexander & James also incorporates Facebook integration, alerting you to your loved ones’ upcoming birthdays.

Exclusive to the UK for now (but with imminent plans to branch out into Europe), Alexander & James have over half a century’s worth of heritage and experience to fall back on, making this one venture worth raising a glass to.