Silvia Gallini’s Presences By Hannah Norman


They say a picture tells a thousand tales, and that’s certainly true of Italy-born artist Silvia Gallini. Her latest collection, Presences, is a series of portraits capturing each muse at its most pensive. Using both paint and pencil to subtly bring each emotion to the fore, Gallini plays a clever game with viewers of her work. So deep is the concentration etched onto the faces of her subjects that you find yourself pondering along with them, as you ascertain what it is they could be thinking – much like admirers of the great Leonardo Da Vinci have done with the Mona Lisa.

Despite this latest exhibition, Gallini hasn’t stopped working. Her next venture is a film documentary, titled The Dog And The Duck, a personal tribute to artist and art teacher Joe Blaustein. Gallini moved from to LA from Italy to study for an MA in Film Direction, and began working with Blaustein, who took her under his wing.

“The film is about how an artistic outlet gives meaning to one’s life,” Gallini explains, referring to the death of Blaustein’s wife from cancer, which prompted him to take up painting. “It serves as therapy to help people work through their personal problems.” For more information about the film, go to

Gallini’s collection is currently on display at the Michael Reeves Associates showroom in Pimlico, London, until 31st December 2012.
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