Roja Dove – By Appointment By The Luxury Channel

Fully bespoke and ready-to-wear – Roja Dove introduces the new age of bespoke perfumery….

Roja Dove

Master Perfumer Roja Dove has further fortified his position as Creative Ambassador for the GREAT Britain Campaign by introducing the world to a new chapter of bespoke perfumery. Born out of a vexation toward the way in which some approach bespoke perfumery, Roja has been inspired to restore integrity to the art by rewriting the rules altogether.

Created for those who desire the luxury of an individual scent but haven’t the luxury of time, his By Appointment perfume introduces a new direction by bringing the fragrance to the client. But just one By Appointment has been created. Awaiting its rightful owner, it is housed in the opulent surroundings of The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie – which sits at the helm of Harrods’ influential new Salon de Parfums – where it can only be experienced via private consultation. Housed in a vessel deserving of its rarity and refinement, By Appointment is custom-made to the final detail. The gold holder that encapsulates By Appointment was designed by Atelier Jean Rousseau’s leading prototypist, who painstakingly perfected the gold foil technique that illuminates the ethically-sourced Louisiana alligator skin.

Bearing the Roja Parfums hallmark are the 18 carat gold-dipped plaques that adorn both the gold alligator case and the white lacquer display box that houses the bottle. Adorned by three hundred and seventeen F colour diamonds in the form of Roja’s signature, these shimmering jewels total 1.42 Carats per plaque.

The cap – the masterpiece that is the crowning glory of By Appointment – is set with a further four hundred and eighty six precision-cut diamonds. Hand-set by Roja’s personal jeweller at H.H. Jewellery Inc. in New York, a total of 2.38 Carats surround 14 incredible Triple A Quality hand-cut amethysts that total 60 Carats.

By Appointment

Though just one By Appointment exists, included in the £75,000 price tag are two replacement bottles of the 100ml parfum. As their first instalment comes to its end, the lucky client will lift a new bottle off its bed of gold and slip it into the outstanding alligator case. It is all made from the world’s most valuable raw materials – some of which cost more than their weight in gold.

Meticulously created by Roja with the utmost talent and care, the scent of By Appointment is worthy of its decoration. The grandeur of its dressing is representative of the rich, soft and sensual oriental fragrance composed from some of the most costly and most scarce raw materials the natural earth has to offer.

Fragrances of the oriental accord scream to be smelt. Loud and exotic, they are the “look at me” of olfactives. What makes the oriental palate special is the resonance it has, both on the skin and on those who experience its scent. With a large, complex base, Orientals are the commander of staying power. As light citrus notes and soft floral notes evaporate from the skin in a shorter time frame, Orientals – made up of vanilla, resins and woods – resonate on the skin. With close to twice the amount of base notes than heart and top notes combined composing By Appointment, it is a fragrance worthy of its reputation.

Bespoke to the final detail, By Appointment is luxury perfume personified. Created for the most discerning client who commands the epitome of luxury, By Appointment sits in London’s most desirable shopping location where it awaits its worthy owner.