Revitalise Your Home For Summer By The

The work of interior designer Helen Green can be seen at The Berkley Knightsbridge and The Sandpiper Hotel. She gives us ten top tops to make our homes bright and breezy this Summer.

Revitalise your home

  1. Updating your accessories for the summer can make a home feel fresh and seasonal. Pale blue or green candles in hurricane lamps and candlesticks feel summery – choose ocean breeze scented candles for the smell of the summer.
  2. Brighten a bathroom by adding a feature skylight; locate one directly above a shower to wake up with the morning sun, or above a bath to look up at the night sky.
  3. Storage is the key to creating a fresh, uncluttered interior. Add built-in storage in awkward spaces, such as under stairs; or make small openings in walls to create display shelving. Build a storage wall of full height cupboards; finish in lacquer for a great way to reflect light back into the room.
  4. Merge the interior of your home with your garden. Add full width sliding doors; a great trick to make the spaces feel as one is to match floor levels and finishes. Create an outside living area that encourages you to linger, with fixed stone benches, a feature fire pit, and subtle lighting.
  5. Linen throws and cushions can update a room for summer.
  6. The more floor you can see the more spacious your home will feel. A fresh look is to choose wall-mounted bathroom fittings and joinery items. Consider adding a lighting detail beneath joinery to enhance the floating appearance.
  7. Use an asymmetrical seating arrangement to make a space less formal.
  8. Mix contemporary furniture with antique pieces for a rich and interesting interior. A modern fabric on a traditional chair can look fantastic.
  9. Use mix materials to create layers of interest. Try using beaten metal or polished lacquered feet on chairs or inlay special finishes or leather panels on tables.
  10. Use crisp linen on beds instead of heavy bedspreads.