QMS Medicosmetics – Serious Beauty Treatment By Bella Chalmer

After burning the candle at both ends with various mini-breaks around Europe and summer parties, I noticed my skin looked dull, dehydrated and tired. I went in search of a serious beauty treatment that would re-energise my skin – not a candles burning, listening-to-whale-music in a dark room facial. And so, I booked a treatment at QMS Medicosmetics in Chelsea, London.

Dr. Schulte

An impressive place, perfectly white with bright lighting and friendly staff. It has an almost clinical feel about it that must stem from its German founder, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Med. Erich Schulte. His vision was to create a new method of rejuvenating skincare by putting collagen back into the skin.

My two hour session began with a deep cleansing back treatment. I often think the back area gets neglected and goes unnoticed, I would never normally book a deep cleanse for my back. Now I am so glad I did. The (very knowledgeable) therapist started with a deep cleansing solution and then applied a dermabrasive peel. The peeling fluid is for sensitive and problematic skin, removing dead cells whilst normalizing the layer of skin. My favourite part followed – a pro-body exfoliation and a cooling algae mask. An unusual sensation as the mask is cold and thick, but it is very soothing and relaxing. The treatment ended with a hydrofoam mask which supports skin regeneration. This is the perfect solution to bring your skin to life, especially for the summer.

QMS Medicosmetics

I then rolled onto my back for the SK Alpha Treatment. An intensively stimulating facial using a unique thermal active revitalizing mask specifically designed to stimulate micro circulation. Would this facial give my skin an instant boost and leave the skin visibly smoother?

The facial started with a deep cleanse and exfoliant, and pretty quickly turned into a unique and personalised process with specific attention on the fine lines around my eyes. The same algae mask was applied all over my face including the eyes and mouth. This felt great and is designed to replenish and hydrate the skin. When the mask was peeled off, I felt like I was blessed with a new layer of soft, plump skin. Liquid proteins, firming and hydrating creams, and a night repair (it was now 7.30pm) followed – my skin felt rejuvenated and energised.

A very impressive treatment – QMS Medicosmetics Spa are offering a scientific and technological approach to skincare which has instant results, as straight away my skin felt noticeably plump, soft and smooth. Get yourself booked in – you won’t regret it.

For more information, visit www.qmsmedicosmetics.com.