Postcard From Kangaroo Island, South Australia By The Luxury Channel

Images of dolphins swimming in the Southern Ocean, koalas snoozing in trees and mobs of kangaroos bounding through the bush are a common sight on Kangaroo Island, a wildlife lover’s paradise just a 30 minute flight, or a fabulous road trip, from Adelaide in South Australia.

In January 2020, the Western side of the island was hit by devastating bush fires and huge swathes of Flinders Chase National Park were badly burnt. However, this is a landscape which is full of plants that need fire to thrive and the regeneration of the bush is already in full swing.

The resilience of the locals was admired by people around the world, who watched as volunteers from all walks of life helped to fight fires – saving homes, wildlife and people. This resilience sustained them during the immediate aftermath, and when COVID-19 closed borders and shut down the tourism industry (on which it relies heavily) just a month later.

Domestically, South Australians are being encouraged to travel again within the state, and to holiday at popular spots like Kangaroo Island. Islanders are looking forward to welcoming back international visitors, once the wider world opens up again.

Virtual Kangaroo Island

As a local wildlife guide and owner of Exceptional Kangaroo Island tour operators, Craig Wickham has been live streaming Kangaroo Island each Monday morning. He interprets the wildlife and surroundings, providing fascinating insights to audiences tuning in from around the world. Whether you’re planning a trip to Australia in 2021 or just want to experience Oz from your armchair, these videos bring the destination to life and provide some truly memorable moments. Click here for the full series.

In Search of Australia’s Big Five

Kangaroo Island boasts kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, sea-lions and dolphins living in their natural habitats in big numbers. Visitors to the island can enjoy a range of special native wildlife experiences against stunning scenic backdrops.

In Splendid Isolation

Kangaroo Island boasts a range of gorgeous beach houses, glamping wigwams, eco retreats and luxury villas where you can hole up away from other visitors. Enjoy privately guided nature touring, lazy days on the beach and food safaris; before BBQing on the deck as night falls and a million stars appear overhead. A couple of our favourites include the new One Kangaroo Island and Dune House.

Discover The History of Kangaroo Island

In 1802, legendary British explorer Captain Matthew Flinders discovered Kangaroo Island and named it after the kangaroos his starving men devoured on arrival. Credited with discovering huge parts of Australia, and giving the country its name, Flinders is the British explorer many people in the UK have never even heard of! His remains were discovered in London Euston Station as part of the HS2 excavation in 2019.

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