Positive Luxury – Positive Week By The Luxury Channel

Positive Week is a celebration of a mission created by Positive Luxury to inspire people to buy better, and to influence brands to do better. Now into its fifth year, Positive Week runs from 2nd to 8th October, and each day of the week will focus on a particular pillar of positive business – environmental, social, governance, philanthropy and innovation – to highlight how brands to trust are committed to doing good across these key areas.

Positive Week is supported by ambassadors Gillian Anderson and Storm Keating. “I proudly and wholeheartedly support Positive Luxury, as they are making it easier for people to make better choices,” Anderson said. “By putting a spotlight on those brands that are committed to important issues, such as the environment and society at large, a broad step is made towards a mindful marketplace.” Keating added, “Positive Luxury is….doing such important work, helping to change the face of consumerism for the better and shaping the way luxury brands do business. Positive Luxury is encouraging even more brands to integrate sustainability into their business processes, in order to benefit the generations to come.”

With several events organised over the course of the week, there are many ways businesses can get on board to become more positive with their practices.

Monday 2nd October

The Pompadour Ballroom at Hotel Cafe Royal, 68 Regent Street, Soho, London W1B 4DY

8:00 am – 10:00 am

The Event:
Presented by Positive Luxury Co-Founder and CEO Diana Verde Nieto, inspirational thought leaders will share insights on best practices and the benefits of being a brand that cares.

Diana will explain how sustainability is an overused, meaningless and “unsexy” word; however, mindful consumers care about brands that reflect their values whilst having a positive social and environmental impact on the world. Thereafter, Diana will introduce each speaker, and will open with the question addressed to the panel as a whole: in today’s world, why does doing business responsibly make better business from a bottom-line perspective?

Daniella Vega – Head of Sustainability at Selfridges
Jo Blake – Head of Brand Communications at Forevermark
Marie Chassot – Senior Vice President of Marketing at Baume & Mercier
Mark Ferguson – Co-Chief Investment Officer at Generation Investment Management

Wednesday 4th October

6TH@SOHO, 6th Floor, 33 Broadwick Street, London W1F ODQ

6:15 pm – 7:45 pm

The Event:
Positive Week Ambassador Storm Keating will be presenting in an inspiring VIP panel discussion on positive living, titled “Positive Story-Telling: Re-Writing The Narrative.” Borrowing the skills of renowned visionaries and advocates including Stephen Webster, Trinny Woodall and Julietta Dexter, the focus will be on how an inspiring narrative enables brands – and individuals – to connect with an audience that cares.

Storm Keating will introduce herself as a Positive Luxury Ambassador and give background to her personal conviction for positive living.
Thereafter, Storm will introduce each speaker, and will open with the question addressed to the panel as a whole: how can we re-write the negative narrative behind “sustainability” and positive living?

Storm Keating – TV Producer and Positive Luxury Ambassador
Stephen Webster MBE – Jewellery Designer and Chairman at House of Garrard
Trinny Woodall – TV Personality and Stylist
Julietta Dexter – CEO and Founder of The Communications Store

Live Streaming of Events

If you can’t get a ticket to attend or are simply just too far away, Positive Luxury will be streaming the events in real time on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. A video link will also be posted after the event, in case you want to catch all the details. For further information about Positive Week, go to www.positiveluxury.com.