Plug In to Being Unplugged By The Luxury Channel

Embrace the future with clutter-free wireless technology – help is here for that unslightly mess at the back of your console or desk. Wireless alternatives for all your favourite gadgets are at hand.

The Sonos bundle 150


Fill your home with music. The Sonos bundle enables you to stream music from your Mac or PC to multiple rooms all over your house and control it via one remote – or your iPhone. You get instant access to your entire music collection, plus thousands of Internet radio stations, from your bedroom, kitchen or wherever you want to hang out.

From £715.

Sennheiser MX-W1 wireless headphones


Want entertainment on the move? Take your favourite tunes with you without getting tangled up. The sleek ear buds transmit a clean, uncompressed sound, wirelessly. Simply attach a small transmitter to your iPod, TV or stereo, and pop in the headphones. The duo comes in a pocket-sized case that can remotely recharge the unit three times.


D-link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player


Relive your holidays and favourite family moments. The D-link media player streams music, photos, slideshows and videos from a PC to your home entertainment centre. Designed to stack with other home electronic gear, it measures a neat 1.5 x 11.25 x 16.75 inches.

From $199.99.

Macbook Air


Weighing just three lbs and measuring between 0.16 inches to 0.76 inches, you can take the MacBook Air anywhere. With just one USB port, it’s the laptop for the wireless lifestyle and suited to those who travel light.

From £1199.

Owl electricity monitor


Take positive action towards saving energy and money. The Owl provides up-to-the-second information about the amount and the cost of the electricity you are using – as you use it. See in real time the benefits of turning off electrical devices and lowering the heat. OWL will show you the cash impact and help you reduce your carbon footprint.