Rock on in style with Pisani marble By Cara Dattani

From St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Egyptian staircase at Harrods – Pisani’s timeless marble gives interiors both private and public a luxury of the highest order.

Pisani marble

Marble is one of the earth’s natural wonders. It is a rock that has long been associated with affluence, elegance and refinement. After millions of years of extreme heat and pressure, deep below the earth’s surface, one expects the end product to be something really special. In its variation, colour and strength marble is also one of the most durable products in the world. From the Parthenon in Ancient Greece to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London – marble stands the test of time.

Pisani, a company famed for producing some of the finest marble, quartz, slate and granite in the world, originated in Italy over one hundred and fifty years ago. In 1938, Pisani launched in London and soon became known for their high-end marble commissions. From royal palaces to the Egyptian Escalator at Harrods – Pisani’s coloured marbles, with rich veins and even tone are unrivalled in their beauty.

However, Pisani marble is not just for public patrons and flamboyant commissions: last year Pisani provided marble for over twenty thousand homes. Marble heralds from Bulgaria, India, Greece and the UK and Pisani’s inventive collections such as ‘The Liquid Glass’ range has revolutionized the way in which marble is integrated into the modern market. With dark, sexy stone peppered with intensely bright colours to create a unique, sleek finish.

Pisani’s owner, Costas Sakellarios, speaks proudly of the weird and wonderful things that Pisani creates – ‘There is a simple luxury to the semi-precious stones we provide. Then it is over to the designers to do something wonderful and funky.’ Examples include Mr Chow’s obelisk in Beverly Hills and one Anguillan client that commissioned giant, white, solid marble baths that had to be flown in by helicopter due to their extraordinary size and weight. ‘This is what we do‘, states Sakellarios. ‘By continuing to provide the finest stones, Pisani provides endless scope for both creativity and practicality.’