Nutrition Tips for London Fashion Week By Vicki Edgson

Prepared by Vicki Edgson for The Luxury Channel.

Vicki Edgson

Consider your handbag as your travelling kitchen – the perfect way to avoid high-salt or sugary foods whilst going from one show to the next is to select what you need for the whole day and bag them up in mini zip-lock bags to keep everything fresh.

Choose Bounce balls with seeds and spirulina for the perfect 2-bite high-protein, max-energy bar – chewy and delicious, these really pack a punch without causing any bloating! (available from Waitrose, Tesco and Wholefoods)

Pick up M & S mini-bags of unsalted, unroasted cashew nuts – perfect one portion size, cashews contain plenty of brain foods to keep your concentration at a peak, and your wit at its best! Contrary to popular belief, these are NOT fattening in moderation, and really keep the hunger at bay

DON’T chew gum, it won’t suppress your appetite, but it WILL make you bloated! Plus the sweeteners in sugar-free gum will encourage you to crave sugary foods later in the day.

DON’T drink alcohol (particularly champagne) on an empty stomach – it will leave you light-headed and unfocussed and is guaranteed tummy bloater! Have a handful of nuts, olives or half a Bounce Ball before drinking.

Don’t eat salty foods (including anything with soya sauce which is high in sodium) – they will cause fluid retention and fat ankles – an absolute NO-NO at LFW.

Raw vegetables are better than fruit – lower in sugars, firmer in texture, and no risk of dripping on beautiful outfits. Prepare a small bag of celery, carrots, endive, cucumber batons the night before and leave in fridge until you set out – happy crunching!

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