New Zealand Idyll By The Luxury Channel

Escape to Kauri Cliffs for the perfect retreat.

Enlightened entrepreneurs have long since recognised New Zealand’s potential as a haven for those in search of the perfect getaway.

One such pioneer, Julian Robinson, has arguably founded the most palatial of these establishments at Kauri Cliffs. Situated to the north of Auckland on New Zealand’s Matauri Bay, this majestic hotel has already been showered with awards. The result is a central lodge of colonial design accompanied by a progeny of designer suites. Each of the 22 guest suites incorporates a private porch, walk-in wardrobe and open fire place. Such homely familiarities create an environment that is both seductive and immediately reassuring.

Kauri Cliffs is the ideal destination for isolation seekers and for those who wish to avoid the aridity associated with other secluded corners in the world. There are 6,500 acres of salubrious parkland flanking a coastline ornamented by a series of half-submerged peaks. Built into the architecture of this invigorating landscape is a world class golf course. The 72-par Championship course, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, is as much a delight to wander through as it is to play.

Although golf is one of the hotel’s key selling features, do not be afraid if, like me, the thought of lush fairways and putting greens does not set your heart on fire. Whilst friends and partners scurry off to compare golf handicaps, there are a multitude of other pleasures which, for us dissenters, are all the more intoxicating. Gourmet picnics, boar hunting and spa treatments – to name but a few – can all be enjoyed on-site at Kauri Cliffs.

Peak season at the lodge is between December and March and it is advisable to book early. Regarding transfers, if the 4 hour drive from Auckland seems unnecessarily strenuous there is a local airport at Kerikeri. Failing that, private helicopters can be arranged on request.

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