Movie Starring John Malkovich To Be Released 100 Years In The Future By Hannah Norman

Louis XIII Cognac, one of the most luxurious spirits in the world, is the brand behind 100 Years, an original and innovative film written by and starring Hollywood legend John Malkovich. Except there’s a catch – the film will not be released until 2115.

John Malkovich

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, 100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See (to give the film its full title) was inspired by the century of careful craftsmanship and patience it takes to make each decanter of Louis XIII Cognac, with four generations of cellar master putting a lifetime of passion into creating a bottle that they will never get to drink. “We developed this innovative aritstic project to explore the dynamic relationship between the past, present and future,” explains the brand’s Global Executive Director, Ludovic du Plessis, pictured below. “Louis XIII is the master of time,” he adds.

Ludovic du Plessis

To ensure that the film remains secure until its official premiere on November 18th 2115, one whole century into the future, the film reel has been placed in a state-of-the-art safe which features bullet-proof glass and a revolutionary countdown timer. The door to the safe will not open until the one hundred year countdown is complete. The first luxury safe box in the world that cannot be opened with a code or a key, it will open automatically regardless of access to a power source, further guaranteeing that there is no way that the film can be accessed before its 2115 release date. One thousand VIP guests from around the world have received an exclusive invitation to give to their descendants to attend the premiere at the House of Louis XIII in Cognac, France.

Louis XIII

A French art de vivre enthusiast, Malkovich developed the original screenplay for 100 Years. “John knew Louis XIII through its reputation,” du Plessis says of his involvement. “Given the unique concept, he was intrigued. The first time we met with him, we asked him to create a film that won’t be released until 2115. John loved the idea and immediately understood the link between the film’s concept and Louis XIII’s story.”

John Malkovich

Shuya Chang was cast as Malkovich’s onscreen partner, and the two journey through an unknown future achieved by innovative set design and extensive CGI effects. “When I was first approached, I really loved the idea,” Malkovich says of the film, adding, “it seemed exciting to imagine.” The actor then quipped, “I mean, in a way, I wish all the films I made wouldn’t have been seen for a hundred years – I don’t know how much that would change the way they are regarded!”

Shuya Chang and John Malkovich

Interestingly though, Malkovich hasn’t seen the film. Neither has the rest of the cast and crew. In fact, even director Robert Rodriguez has allegedly only seen a rough cut before it was sent to have special effects added in, after which it was put straight into the safe without him having seen the final version. This was done during an exclusive preview of the film’s trailer in Los Angeles, with Malkovich doing the honours and placing the film reel into the safe, setting the timer for the 2115 premiere.

Shuya Chang and John Malkovich

The safe will be transported around the world under high-level security for an international tour beginning in Hong Kong, before reaching its final destination at the House of Louis XIII in Cognac. When the safe is finally unlocked in one hundred years’ time, guests will be welcomed – including the future cellar master, and a descendant of each guest who received a ticket to the film’s preview in 2015 – to the exclusive premiere, on November 18th 2115. “Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible,” du Plessis concludes. “Much like the cellar masters who won’t know how their masterpiece turns out, no-one will be able to see the film in its entirety until 2115.”

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