Seventy Thirty – Make Me A Perfect Match By The Luxury Channel

Seventy Thirty is a dating service for the extremely wealthy and successful – and they’ve never been busier….

Call it what you will — credit crunch, credit crisis, recession — but it has been good for at least one industry: dating companies. Apparently our uncertain economy has provoked a desire for companionship and chemistry. It’s not just online outfits like that have seen a rise in singles looking for love. The extremely high-end matchmaking service, Seventy Thirty – whose clients must have £1 million in liquid assets and are charged from £10,000 a year – reports more interest ever since Lehman Brothers went under.

Seventy Thirty is a dating service with a difference, a full-service matchmaker. Founded by psychotherapist Susie Ambrose, not only does Seventy Thirty attempt to match wealthy, successful clients with suitable partners, but they also employ life coaching, a wealth management advisor, and give work-life balance advice (hence the name of the company). They even have a fashion and make-up guru on hand, as well as a fitness instructor. “Life coaching can help people coming out of a relationship to deal with the debris and let go, or it can help younger people have more confidence to get out there and enjoy the matching,” says Trudy Hill, head of matchmaking and coaching.

Hill and her co-workers scout for potential mates for their clients here in the UK, and have sophisticated referral systems in place to find people outside the country. “Some of our UK members might be looking for a match where they have homes, be it London or Monaco or elsewhere,” explains Hill. Once a prospective candidate has been located, a psychologist will do an interview to see if they are suitable. According to Hill, female clients have a stronger preference to meet someone as successful as they are, so the headhunting is more specific for them. However, all their clients are looking for something similar. “The common thread is that they all want someone who has a real passion about what they do, and who doesn’t waste any element of their life,” says Hill. “They want to meet people who are intelligent and driven, but they don’t necessarily have to be successful in a business sense.”

The current climate has created something of a boom for Seventy Thirty. Hill says they have gotten busier since the economy started showing signs of trouble last autumn. “We think it’s because people have work slowing down, and so they finally have time to stop and reflect on wanting things they haven’t had time for,” she says. “Maybe they realize that everything they work really hard for could be taken away quickly. So they are looking for something permanent.” These days, even if money can’t buy you love, people are hoping it can at least help them try to find it.

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