Loro Piana’s Interiors By The Luxury Channel

Loro Piana Denim Flower

Since selling 80% of their business to LVMH earlier this year, all eyes have been focused on what luxury Italian textiles company Loro Piana will do next. Famed for searching for the most precious raw materials to turn into exquisite clothes and accessories whilst ensuring local sustainability, it would seem that it is business as usual in the Loro Piana camp, with the launch of their new Home Interiors range. CEO Pier Luigi Loro Piana gives The Luxury Channel an insight into the business….


What is special about this year’s Loro Piano Interiors collection?

One of the most important novelties introduced this year is the Loro Piana Denim Flower®, an extraordinary fabric obtained from prized and certified organic cotton picked in the Valley of San Joaquin in California, and considered the finest product available in the USA. This fibre is exceptionally unique in terms of length, finesse and resistance. Only a longstanding textile tradition and the rediscovery of antique manufacturing techniques – the same used for cashmere – have enabled us to spin and weave this precious fiber to obtain a compact and resistant fabric with a denim structure that exudes a soft cocooning sensation. It comes in five color variants, four neutrals and an indigo. For upholstery and decorations, I cannot forget to mention the Ikat fabric, one of the most ancient forms of textile decoration still in use in diverse areas of the world (among the Malaysian and Indonesian populations in particular). This is a precious and diffused technique, in which the yarn dyeing process takes place prior to the weaving, resulting in fabulous variations of designs characterized by multiple shades. Another important novelty is the Dehors fabric for outdoor life, terraces and conservatories, a segment that we didn’t approach before. Dehors is high-performing, waterproof and climate resistant and available in natté, twill and chevron textures. It’s available in three different designs and a total of ten different shades of color.

Loro Piana Denim Flower Fabric

Where are your materials sourced?

The quest of quality is a never-ending journey that takes us to the most extreme regions of the world, if necessary. We have been to Mongolia and China to find and collect the best cashmere and baby cashmere – the new frontier of cashmere is sheared from one year old Hyrcus goats. We have been to Peru and now also Argentina for Vicuna, then to Australia and New Zealand to reach for the finest merino wool and to Burma for the Lotus Flower.


How do you find and select your fabrics?

We produce our own fabrics and to produce the best quality possible, we always search for and go to the places where the best raw materials come from. We constantly search for the highest quality.

How important is tradition to your brand philosophy and what measures do you take to stick to it?

Tradition is extremely important to our brand; Loro Piana stands for uncompromised quality, finest raw materials from around the world, Made in Italy. We made Loro Piana a total vertical integrated company that allows us to control all stages of production – from raw material to finished product.

Loro Piana Interiors

In what direction would you like to see the Home Interiors range move forward?

The Loro Piana Interiors business unit has grown a lot in the last few years. Our fabrics are perfect not only for private houses, yachts and jets but also for hotel rooms and lobbies. I would love to see this business unit grow even more; it’s pretty recent (we launched it in 2006) but it’s performing very well and I am confident that it will give us much satisfaction in the future.