Life In Miniature By The Luxury Channel

Florida-based model-maker Smartt Inc. tops the list when it comes to the world’s most endearing, traditional family pastimes….

SMARTT - Life in miniature

While computers and video games remain the predominant entertainment for today’s children, teenagers and adults alike, there’s something magical about traditional games. Toy stores and retailers across the globe testify to the resurgence of traditional games, with the likes of Lego, Meccano and Hornby train sets all popular. The most magical and traditional form of entertainment has to be “life in miniature” with model railways, towns and doll houses fascinating us all for generations. From small domestic set-ups to magnificent displays in malls and dedicated theme parks around the world; “life in miniature” continues to grow in popularity.

Model railways are by far the ultimate entertainment centre for both the home and public environment – providing thrills, laughter and awe, while serving as a fascinating educational resource. These unique displays are not just entertainment, they also help teach children and grown-ups alike a myriad of skills – from design, architecture and engineering, to urban planning, creative arts and electronics. All while being a one-of-a-kind piece of three dimensional art and lifelong treasures.

Scale Models, Arts, and Technologies, Inc. (SMARTT) based in Florida, is the world’s leading purveyor of custom model railway layouts. SMARTT caters exclusively to the luxury market, focusing on discriminating enthusiasts, private collectors, family entertainment and corporate clients.

Founded in 1995 in Miami, by Michael Hart, SMARTT is the culmination of Mr. Hart’s desire to offer only the highest fine scale museum quality in craftsmanship and realism in producing these unique displays, while ensuring that their operational reliability and durability delivers a product that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Working with their clients, SMARTT applies its expertise in computer design, planning and analysis; firstly as a free-form creative and conceptual design which is then followed up with advanced specific engineering. The entire process enables the company to convey to its clients a complete three dimensional, animated representation of every feature and detail of their project before manufacture. This is a truly bespoke service that captures the imagination of everyone involved.

The philosophy of always staying ahead of the curve has been instrumental in the company’s ability to produce and maintain the highest quality standards in all its work whether for a collector, family or corporate client seeking that unique form of crowd-pleasing entertainment.

SMARTT - Life in miniature

The “arts” side of the company is equally important. Nurturing only the best and most talented artists and craftsmen, it pays spectacular dividends with respect to the attention to the subtle details that breathe life into these unique and exciting projects. Having created the most amazing lifelike models that grace private houses, malls and museums around the world, SMARTT is at the forefront of the world’s most magical and ultimate entertainment. As Mr. Hart says, this has to be his dream job.

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