Ki Fit Multi-Sensor Armband By The Luxury Channel

The multi-sensor armband that helps you understand and therefore change your body….

Ki Fit

Try the latest fitness craze and diet fad as hard as you might but don’t underestimate the importance of your metabolism. Only when you regulate and understand how to increase your metabolism will you see a significant transformation in your physique and energy levels. However, what exactly is your metabolism and how can you monitor it? The official definition is the “chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life/the processing of a specific substance within the body.” Not something easily monitored then….

The Ki Fit multi-sensor armband measures calorie burn, physical activity (both moderate and vigorous), steps, sleep duration and sleep efficiency using its four sensors. The accelerometer is only one of the four sensors which the armband uses to produce the astonishing accuracy. The sensors are Galvanic Skin Response, Skin Temperature, Heat Flux and a 3-axis accelerometer. It is clinically proven and the most accurate body monitor on the market.

Plug the device into your computer (download Ki Fit’s software) and log on to the Ki Fit website to start reading your data. Line graphs and pie charts reveal habits (including peaks and troughs in sleep) and nutritional balance (or lack of). You add your food in manually and Ki Fit reveals the calorie content, nutritional breakdown, and mineral and vitamin proportion of your diet.


The Ki Fit will give you:

  • Extraordinarily illuminating statistics about your lifestyle.
  • A measure of accurate control over your eating and exercise habits. The Ki Fit turns fitness and health into the science it should be not a fad or philosophy.
  • A brilliant analysis of your sleep patterns (on average we burn 100 calories an hour in our sleep).
  • Targets – Ki Fit recommend using waist size as a good indicator of healthy weight loss.
  • An education – as you get used to inputting all your data, you will begin to learn the value of food as fuel.
  • The incentive to walk to work, climb stairs, think about your core muscles on the tube or fidget – do whatever you can to keep moving!


  • Desk-bound workers will be particularly frustrated by the repercussions of a sedentary lifestyle. The Ki-Fit monitor shows that by sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, we burn only a fraction more calories than when we are sleeping.
  • You need to have the time to be able to input your food each day and analyse the data (this can be both addictive and time-consuming, although there are short-cuts to make things easier).
  • The software will only appeal to certain types of personalities, as some people feel quite stressed by the idea of being monitored!
  • Not an easy accessory for women – the sensor is visible on the arm.

What’s next for Ki Fit?

When Ki Fit launched, it was welcomed by athletes, sports enthusiasts and those who sought weight management. However, over the next few years, Ki Fit will come into its own. Powered by their team of scientists, Ki Fit have created innovative new advice tools based on the individual data created by the Ki system. This allows individual advice to be delivered remotely using scientific principles based on your own body data, not on fad, myth or fantasy.

The introduction of online weight loss programmes aims to not only help people lose weight but educate them as to how their data should inform their lifestyle choices. This means giving people the power to control their weight forever. Ki Performance are also developing a unique fitness tool, which uses your body data to populate a fuelling strategy for achieving optimum performance. This will include advice as to correct nutritional content and the times of day that it should be consumed, dependent on the goal.

Ki Armband and one year subscription from £268.99