An Interview With Katherine Jenkins By The Luxury Channel

The Luxury Channel caught up with the internationally renowned Welsh soprano, Katherine Jenkins, as she prepared to headline on the final night of A Journey Through Time 111 – the watch and jewellery showcase presented by Tourism Malaysia and Starhill Gallery.

Katherine Jenkins

How did you get involved with A Journey Through Time?

I got an invitation to come and have my first performance here in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a completely new place for me and I’m excited to be here.

Is it always exciting when you come somewhere completely new?

It is, and I think it’s something you always look forward to. I haven’t done a concert here or been here before so hopefully I will put on a good show and get to do a little bit of the tourist thing as well.

Are you a fan of watches?

I am a fan of watches. I love jewellery and I always see things like watches as a way to dress up an outfit, so I’ve got casual watches and quite dressy ones as well.

So, are you a diamond kind of girl?

I am. I have some sporty ones, which still have a few diamonds on them and then for an evening thing, I like to have a little bit more sparkle on there.

Does the mechanical aspect of watches interest you?

Well, my sound man is actually obsessed with watches and has a huge collection. He’s constantly telling me about how they work, the different brands and their bonus points. I do think women notice men’s watches; I certainly check out if a guy’s smartly dressed. I think you can tell a lot about them by the watch they are wearing.

What do you think it is about watches that people get so obsessed by?

I think a watch is the main piece of jewellery that a man wears and for a woman, I think it’s the one thing you wear constantly. It’s also something you usually choose personally – when I choose a watch it’s because I love it. I have to fall in love with a watch to buy it, so I think it probably takes more passion to choose a really lovely watch.

There is also an array of jewellery at this event – are you a fan of big diamond necklaces?

I feel very lucky that I get lent a lot of these red carpet one-off diamond pieces; it makes you feel so special if you have a big performance or something like that, so I will defiantly be looking at the jewellery as well.

Where are you going after Kuala Lumpur?

I am going straight from here to Melbourne and then to Sydney because my album Believe gets released there. I’m going to do about ten days of promotion on all the television shows and also a big open air carol concert called Carols In The Domain. It will be nice to spend the lead-up to Christmas in the sun.

Where are you for Christmas?

I’m going straight back to Wales after that and I will be back with my mum and niece and get to catch up with everyone, because it’s been such a busy year, I haven’t really seen all the family that much so it’s going to be really nice.