Karen Laurence-Rowe – Artistic Conservation By Hannah Norman

The painting that artist Karen Laurence-Rowe is putting up for auction

The painting that artist Karen Laurence-Rowe is putting up for auction

For Uganda-born artist Karen Laurence-Rowe, there is nothing better than escaping into the fields and plains surrounding her home in Kenya. Her stunning paintings of the local wildlife, landscapes and people have adorned the walls of many an art lover, and in 2012, Karen’s work culminated with the recognition she deserved, by winning the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of The Year Award.

Despite her career taking an upward trajectory, Karen’s main passion – despite her art – remains the wildlife she loves to paint. A noticeable increase in the number of poachers, however, has meant that the community rangers who work in the region are fighting a hard battle to keep them at bay. Ivory in particular is becoming more sought-after, meaning elephants are being horrifically hunted for their tusks.

Karen has elected to stand by no longer, and has painted a truly breath-taking image of the elephant to put up for auction in May. All monies raised will go to the anti-poaching units of the Northern Rangelands Trust to continue the fight for the animals’ increasingly threatened survival. Karen says of her auction, “There comes a time when you have to put your money where your mouth is! As fast as I can paint the beautiful beasts and vistas of this continent, they are as quickly disappearing to the pressures of poaching. I feel the need to record it in paint – and quickly – before it is lost to us forever.”

The silent auction for Karen’s painting will be held at her first solo UK exhibition, Heat of The Plains, in Edinburgh in May. Bids can also be made at www.alexandermeddowes.com/charity.