Jonathan Mizzi – This Is Awkward By The Luxury Channel

A new yoga-inspired furniture collection – called the Awkward Series – was launched during Decorex; the first line to be designed by rising star Jonathan Mizzi. A Maltese British designer, Mizzi founded his company Mizzi Studio in 2011 to fuse design, architecture and art into one holistic workspace.

Mizzi is known for projects spanning high-end design, architecture and art, for his futuristic techniques and now for the Awkward Series. The line is made up of a limited edition range including an 8-seater dining table, a 2/4-seater table and a coffee table.

Awkward Table by Jonathan Mizzi; light by Matthew McCormick

The inspiration for the series comes from a very unlikely source – yoga. Captivated by the perfect state of balance, strength and poise of Bikram yoga’s “awkward” poise, Mizzi resolved to try and capture this in sculptural form. Added into the formal mix is Mizzi’s affinity with sci-fi and animation – as well as Art Deco and neo-futurist architectural design.

With its graceful curves and fluid form, the table appears to be suspended in motion. “The perfectly balanced legs are designed to loop around you,” Mizzi explained. “So much so that sitting at the head of the table becomes an immersive experience – you become one with the table.” Not that the construction of said legs was without its problems. Their continuous curving is not a natural way to support a surface, and in order to make the “tip-toeing” design stable, Mizzi and his team spent months perfecting aluminium honeycomb and stainless steel internal structures. To enhance the impression of fluidity – but without loss of stability – glass fibre was chosen for the table’s body.

The exclusiveness of the Awkward Series is reinforced by the fact that each piece has its own mould. Customers can also choose their own luxurious metallic finish – copper, gun metal, or gold – each sprayed with a unique liquid metal in a tinting technique used by Formula One cars. For the Decorex launch, a gold finished coffee table was designed as a limited edition piece, truly setting the gold standard!

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