Jet Set Pets By Hannah Norman

They say a dog is man’s best friend, and when it comes to splashing money on our four-legged chums, we’re happy to do so without a second thought. When it comes to our pets, we’re pretty potty about them, and like them to travel with us wherever we are in the world – which is fine, albeit for the shocking statistic released recently. International animal travel is traditionally undertaken via live cargo cages in the hold of a plane, and whilst animal fatalities are rare, they do happen, and the figure is much higher than you might suppose – 224 deaths occurred in 2011 in the US alone. Most of these aren’t flight-connected and are related to incidents on the ground – such as cages getting crushed – but there is no denying the stress caused to a pet subjected to hours of being left on its own in the pitch dark of the hold during a lengthy flight.

Whilst The Luxury Channel isn’t out to scaremonger (or indeed, to jinx your pet’s next flight!), we thought it was worth our while to track down an animal-friendly alternative. Private Jet Central are one company offering owners flight respite in the form of their Frequent Flyers club for pets. With a 40% increase in the number of owners enlisting their services, Private Jet Central offers chartered jets whereby your pet gets to fly in the cabin with you. Not only that, but they are able to co-ordinate all the little logistics of pet travel, from liaising with vets to finding a local supplier of your pet’s favourite food in the country to which you travel.

As for the type of animal Private Jet Central has flown to date, they can credit everything from cats to parrots to hamsters – not to mention accommodate the strangest of requests. For instance, if your dog has a fear of flying, how about noise-cancelling headphones playing his favourite music, to override the sound of the engines? In case you were wondering, that’s a true story….

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